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Monday and Tuesday on Thursday...

   Oh My Goddess, I got behind again.... You'd think since I am home all day and can't really be on my foot for too long, I'd be copacetic with ...more

To Shave or Not To Shave......Why is this even a question?

 What would you do if your daughter wanted to shave her head? Would you grab the clippers and get to shaving?...more

Far, far away

I want to go to there

Thursday, May 14, 2015What place do you want to visit based solely on beautiful photographs that you've seen?Photo: Sun FlarePhoto-based wanderlust has worked well for me...My husband and I chose the Cook Islands for our honeymoon because we fell in love with the scenery... ...more

Fixing my tomato mistakes

There are few things I like better about summer than sweet, ripe tomatoes from the garden. In fact, I've cultivated quite the obsession over the last six years, trying but often failing to get the bumper crop of my dreams.My problems? In no particular order......more

Happy Birthday Katharine Hepburn

May 12, 2015 – Birthday Katharine HepburnKate & I...more

Photo: Candid Shots

Ever photograph a subject without their knowing? I certainly have. It's called "getting a candid shot," and can result in the most honest photos of people, catching them off-guard and natural. No hammy poses, no cheesy grins.I recently got this shot:...more

Spring, in full burst

Maybe it was too much Alice and Wonderland as a kid, but I can't help anthropomorphizing flowers. Like this hydrangea, which looks like it has a chorus of little mouths shouting to high heaven. Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this....more

to creep or not to creep

Monday, May 11, 2015Do you ever secretly snap pictures without the subject knowing? Tell us about a secret shot you've taken.Photo: Close ...more

A Mother's Day trio

Feeling grateful for all the mothering I've received from so many wonderful women over the years. Extra glad I got to celebrate with several of them this weekend including Marm, Mom-5, and Aunt Carolyn. Also especially enjoyed a rare date with two of my very favorite people.Happy Mother's Day, all!xoxo,shawna...more