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Use Your Facebook Feed for an Easy End-of-Year Post

So I chose to scroll through my Facebook posts... and couldn't stop! I went all the way to 2009 (then my eyes started watering) which forced me to hit the brakes. Gosh, one thing was clear, I used to post much more often back then and not just links, but about the everyday happenings in my life, from superficial ills to eating chocolate cake. ...more
uneekdiva Go for it! It certainly was an interesting experience for me! :)more

Please Step Away from the Keyboard Before You Post Garbage on Facebook

It has been a difficult month to be an active online participant. There has been so much hate spewed by so many about so much, that I have honestly begun to question whether or not this great social media experiment that billions of us have signed on for is actually worth it. I am all for the free exchange of opinions and ideas, but I have reservations when that careful, cool, and considered debate turns into something darker and more sinister. It isn't just on social media sites. Check out the comments section of any newspaper, magazine, or blog and you will find a litany of venom spewing from all sides of a dispute. And this crap is just the stuff that has made it through the moderators. Imagine what gets filtered? ...more
bulletproofbra FeministaJones I agree. For valid reasons I have a pseud. I don't need keyboard ...more

15 Tips on Surviving National Blog Posting Month

Today I’m celebrating and sharing 15 tips on how I not only survived, but thrived, during National Blog Posting Month!Woo Hoo! Happy Happy Dance over here … I did it! I posted every single day in November.High Fives all around. Time to party!I wish I could say I had been organized and prepared, with tons of content squirrelled away, ready to go … but I cannot....more

Real life tradition

Being the romantic soul that I am, I long for a decorated home. While every year I grudgingly go through the hassle of picking out wraths, lights, candles and cute but stylish (and childproof!) stuff, I always feel peaceful once everything is up. Christmassy, so to say. ...more

It's Okay to Want More Than Survival

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I remember desperately thinking if I can just survive this, that'll be enough.I prayed fervently, just let me survive. Please don't let me die. The doctors, even in the early days, told me it wouldn't be likely this cancer would kill me. We were going to hit it with everything possible. Treatment would be hard. But I'd survive it all. And I was so glad. Because that was going to be enough. And now, 4 1/2 years later, I realized a hard truth just yesterday. It isn't enough. ...more
Brandie, you are such a good writer. I appreciate your kind of honesty. I really hope you get ...more

NaBloPoMo Wrapped Up

I was so incredibly proud of myself for posting everyday..and then day 29 hit and I was planning a wrap up post and a celebration, and then I forgot, swore at myself, and sulked for two days.But hey! Posting 28 out of 30 days is 93%, which is a solid A in letter grades, and that's pretty darn good, I think!...more
12tutufondue I usually attempt NaNoWriMo...and fail, but whatever. This was my first year doing ...more

What's Next After #NaBloPoMo? Introducing the BlogHer Writing Lab

Big changes are underway for lovers of #NaBloPoMo! Like NaNoWriMo, #NaBloPoMo will now own November and only November. But that doesn't mean NaBloPoMo is disappearing during the other eleven months of the year. Oh, no. It's only getting better. ...more
jentyree No worries -- you're added to the new list by clicking that link.more

How Do I Sign Up For December's Blogroll?

Is there a theme for December 2015? Is there a place to sign up for this month? I think I'd like to try it again, since November went so well!I've only ever done NaBloPoMo in November, so have no idea how it works for other months. Can someone help? Please?   :)...more
We've made some changes so things are little bit different. We'll still continue to support the ...more

Exam time: I'm not "giving" grades

“Where did you see the score??”“She just posted them.”“When? I just looked awhile ago.”“No, like just posted.”I listened as awareness and surreptitious online gradebook checking rippled throughout the room before class started.Damn. Our first meeting in 10 days and the atmosphere felt dark and pensive. Not the way I wanted to begin the semester’s last hurrah....more
Songs of Home Frustrating. While I appreciate their ability to keep track of grades along the ...more

How I learnt a Failure is an Accomplishment....

NaBloPoMo nov.30 PromptWe all have our goals; short term ,long term, beyond expectations, etc.Everyday we involve in  tasks, each task leads to a particular goal. By the end of the day we achieve something after tiring ourselves. Sometimes we are uncertain of whether it deserves a celebration or not. In my point of view,every achievement is worth celebrating, not each one of them need occasions but at least a self-admiration; a compliment to that confused image staring at us from the mirror....more