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The first blog I ever wrote on Blogher...2007...

You know what's weird?Life!...more
can someone tell me how to do this i feel really computer stupid right nowmore

B is for Blogging

Cross-Post: B is for Blogging -- I can't believe I've made it this far in NaBloPoMo...more

The World's gonna end December 21, and I'm kinda looking forward to it...

So the Mayans are going to get it right, where all the other idiots have failed...December 21st is definately going to be the very last day on earth...and I believe it, because, well, it's the Mayans...and their name sounds so's not like the Unitarians are predicting it, or God forbid the Lutherans, although if I get the chance, I'd love to go to one more Lutheran pot-luck before the big end of the universe thingy...problem is the best place for Lutheran pot-lucks are funerals, and with my luck, there will be one scheduled on the 22nd, which, unfortunately I won't be ...more
@zambonisandinukshuks  I like that!  Damn Mayans, so the whole thing was for the sake ...more

What I Strive to Remember

This is what I strive to remember.Join in the Fray: Can "good" people make "bad" choices?Copyright © 2012 Michelle Matthews Calloway, ASwirlGirl™, All rights reserved. ...more

Can't Beat an Egg Beater

I love new fangled kitchen gadgets, but wouldn't trade my old fashioned, heavy duty egg beater.Why? A zillion reasons. For one, my grandmother used one and every time I use mine, I'm reminded of cooking with her. Then, I like using hand power knowing that if the grid goes down, I can still make whipped cream. Finally, I enjoy putting my energy into my food, feeling a connection with the eggs as they get frothy and the raw cream as it whips up. It's just plain satisfying to feel the power of the beaters create a tasty treat....more
@HomeRearedChef Ha! Engineers love the gears...and the egg beater's got plenty of 'em. :) Go Bob!more

How to make organic lard

At my age I should probably be reducing the amount of fat in my diet, but today I’ve been a pig. Well, I’ve been eating a pig.  Bits of pig hide, that is, deep-fried golden brown and sprinkled with salt. Cracklins, we call them. The stuff that doesn’t melt when you cook pig fat to render the lard out of it. It’s been a while since I’ve watched or helped render lard, but this afternoon my brother Stuart, my dad and my cousin Johnnie cubed a large tub full of fat from a couple of freshly butchered hogs. ...more

Writing Difficulties & Mental Illness

Cross-Post: Writing Difficulties & Mental Illness -- I think my anti-depressant has taken away my creativity....more

Your dog's inside with a bottle of Pinot Noir...

It was a sad couple hours tonight...I was just taking a quick nap (it's cold, it's dark, I need a nap just to get through the rest of the night) when my daughter knocked on the door...the neighbors were here and were crying...they had just come home and found their dog had died in front of the back door of the kitchen... There are very few things that can wake me up instantly out of a nap, but that's one of them.  Their beautiful dog Ice, was as striking as her name suggested...she was a husky rescue, with ice cold blue eyes, if she had been human she would've been&nb...more
Actually, we called her boner because she was such a bonehead.  It was my exhusband's name for ...more


My iPhone and laptop have recovered from their ills.Ahhhhh! Feels good to be reconnected!...more

Do You Have A "Manna?"

On June 29, 2012, our area of the east coast was hit with 65-75 mile an hour winds and much damage from fallen trees.Power was out for days with half a million residents in Montgomery County, Maryland affected. We were only out three days and our freezers held so we had no loss of food and besides, we didn't leave town. But, some of our neighbors did leave, rather than live in the dark. When they returned, they complained about having to throw away food, many hundreds of dollars worth. At the time, I didn't know there was anything else to do....more  I just wanted to come back and read all the comments again, and then send ...more