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Vacation time!

Everything on my To Do List (both the scheduled jobs PLUS a handful of unplanned last-minute tasks) has been checked off... I've shut down my work computer... and I am now officially ON VACATION for the next 17 days! *happy dance* ...more
Thanks, Denise! Happy holidays to you too!more

Day 19...Believe....


Effective Teachers

One of my daughters, who is finishing up an Honours Degree and applying to Teacher's College, asked me what I thought were the five attributes of an effective teacher. When I first thought about effective teachers or mothers for that matter, images of the some of worst teachers I have had sprang to mind. My grade one teacher yelled and became angry quickly, did not like children, dismissed my insecurities  or struggles to learn with little compassion or empathy and moved through  her lesson plans rigidly, if the class grasped the material or not....more

More than ironic...

Ironic. It is 2 a.m. and I am awake. This after blogging just yesterday (actually, just hours ago) about doing more with less time -- because my brain had started sleeping through the night, making my days shorter. (I actually was lamenting my sleeping through the night. What was I thinking?!) I got up a little after 2, figured it was too early to really be up, and so ate a bowl of Raisin Bran, followed by a short glass of prune juice -- because if I am old enough to awaken naturally at 2 a.m....more
roseredstoriesĀ Thanks! :) At least Christmas break is coming... that should perk me up!more

Doing more with less...

Today I am doing more with less time, less space, and, definitely, less patience. At the risk of whining, may I just say, "Enough already! Christmas break, I need you!"...more

Excerpts From Diaries Past - Tuesday December 28, 2010

This is a series that I will add to every once-in-a-while. I will post old diary entries, modified slightly so as not to reveal me or my family's identity or exact location,etc....more

Naughty and Nice

After reading chambanachik's recent blog entry of "Love/Do Not Love (No. 4: Christmas Edition)" I was inspired to come up with my own little list of what I find naughty and nice about the Christmas season. So, without any further ado - Here we go! ...more

It's Started! (Christmas Holidays are Here, Help!)

The Christmas holidays are upon us. My daughter is now off school, and tomorrow afternoon we will be joined by my husband and stepson. My reaction to this realisation was to begin frantically searching the internet for 'things to do over the Christmas holidays'. This gets more difficult every year. Now that the kids are 11 and 12, it takes more to amuse them than a craft session in town or a visit to Santa. Fearing an enormous anti-climax as the long-awaited Christmas holiday becomes boring by day 3, I panicked....more

Dec 19 - Exceptions & Expectations

Well, would you looky here, A.C. Melody is actually making an outline BEFORE writing a story!  Stop the Press......more