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Hot August day. I am waiting for the storm to erupt.  I am not feeling kosher, not copacetic at all.  In other words everything is not ducky.  I am seeing life through jaundiced eyes.  Do not worry!  I am not blaming you or anyone else.  Do not take it personally....more

Trying again

This morning I did something that I haven't done since, oh, sometime in May: I dragged out and dusted off the Wii Fit Balance Board, replaced the long-dead batteries in the remote, and... gulp... weighed myself, prepared for the worst. And the news was pretty terrible. ...more

Tools and Devices

 I started my NaBloPoMo by falling behind. But NOT because I forgot. That would be way too cliché....even for me. ...more

Don’t cry for me, guys.

I am a city person.  While I enjoy a walk along the beach or through a botanic garden, I prefer exploring towns and cities. My husband and oldest son love the outdoors, camping, and living among nature.  My idea of camping is a cheap hotel. So every summer when my husband’s family vacations in the north woods, I stay home while my husband and sons join them in their musty, not-large-enough cabin for a week of outdoor adventures, slimy lake water, and bugs. ...more

Time For a Smile

Christian Humour? Yup, hilarious, biblical, denominational and personal jibes all served with a  smile. Self deprecatory humour with the ability to laugh at ourselves is healthy and great for overblown egos. This week it is biblical humour with snickers at Noah's plight....more


I'm scribbling on the deck again.  That's what you do if you don't have a laptop.  It's a perfect afternoon to sit out here and enjoy a beer.  But I better do my writing first, if I want to make sense with my tenses.  I wonder if it's a Chinese thing - not being correct with my tenses....more

Today's Gratitude List - Linkup No. 40

I feel as though I should probably warn you in advance - just in case you happened to think it would be otherwise - my gratitude list today is going to be rather BlogHer '14-centric! Because the whole trip was an amazing experience from start to finish, and left me feeling grateful in all sorts of ways - and this seems like the perfect place to share it. So please bear with me! :) ...more


No monkeys were harmed in the making of this original post.“Why am I so soft in the middle now? The rest of my life is so hard.”- from You Can Call Me Al, by Paul SimonI am not feeling great about myself today....more

Stone Walls and Flowers

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.   Marcus Tullius CiceroThe earth laughs in flowers.  Ralph Waldo EmersonFlowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts. Sigmund Freud...more

BlogHer '14 Recap: The Post is in the Comments!

Several of you have mentioned that you were looking forward to hearing about my time at BlogHer '14, and I desperately want to write a recap or two (or five), but honestly? For whatever reason I'm having a really tough time pinning down (and then shaping into something shareable) any of the myriad thoughts and inspirations and musings that have been floating around in my head ever since I first set foot in San Jose last week. ...more