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God is an Artist

God is an artist and His canvas is all of space and all of time- by a friend J.P...more

Just Grateful

Oh today is a lazy Sunday.  I am so out of it.  What do I mean? I am so out of “The Groove” today.  Usually I am hyped up by Sunday and ready to start my week but today I am not. It may be because it is to hot and humid here in Georgia.  Or it could be because I learned today of a member in my church losing his daughter earlier this week after losing his wife to cancer only 9 months previously.  That really gave caught me by surprise and has really given me cause to pause and reflect today....more

Today's Gratitude List - Linkup No. 38

At the top of today's gratitude list is BlogHer '14... because I've been anticipating the event for almost a year, and now it's finally time to start counting down for real! ...more

10 things I like about the monsoons

Source : Google Images...more

Bye bye Orkut...

Source : Google ImagesDate : 29th Sept 2014, 11.15PM It seemed like a usual day....more


It's Saturday and the weather is oh, so fine.  The floor is finally vacuumed and washed.  I am sitting here, empty of words.  I am flexing my fingers and wiggling my toes.  I am trying, giving it a go.I always go to bed full of resolve - of doing this, doing that.  But in the morning, I am deflated, not feeling up to par.  So then, I feel guilty.  I give myself a silent talk, trying to drum up some energy....more
marisab That's so true.  Those alone times are important.  Thanks for reading. Lilymore


A writing prompt asked about our dreams and nightmares....more

Date Night

You know, it really doesn't have to be fancy. It needn't involve classy restaurants or expensive tickets or getting dressed up to the nines. And it doesn't necessarily require a lot of pre-planning or sweating the details. It's about setting time aside to enjoy each other's company. ...more
reallifesurreallife That's beautiful, Julianne! Your parents must be so happy together. Thanks ...more


Usually I have the good sense to ignore self-righteous bad mouthing in comments but I slipped during the last couple of weeks.  Actually  I made some darn good points and clarified my believes during the exchanges , not that anyone was convinced.  In that sense, it was a complete  exercise in futility....more


 It’s Friday and time for fiction of 100 words, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields ...more