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Charles Dickens: The Heart of a Child

In a “A Christmas Carol”, Charles Dickens delights us as his main character,crusty Mr. Scrooge,  is transformed from a miserable, miserly curmudgeon to a joyful, generous man with the heart of a child“Bah,” said Scrooge, “Humbug.” ― Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol...more

Big or Small Christmas?

Another NaBloPoMo prompt: - are you doing Christmas big or small this year?...more
Thanks! It's barbecuing away at the moment, we'll know in a few hours! :)more

Dec 23 - Whu-Oh

Last minute Christmas shopping between 9-10 p.m. rocks – and that’s done!  Now I get to spend all day tomorrow wrapping before the last of our family holiday get-togethers at my Uncle’s house (YAY, an open bar!)But, I’ve been a bad, baaad blogger.  This is this first time I’ve posted anything in 3 days! Ummmmmm, I’m telling… Oh, yeah, I just did.  However – hopefully redeeming myself here – I’ve been working really hard on my Character Bios! Does that count?Wow, you guys are ruthless....more

Day 23...Animated movies your kids should see from the 90's

Well here I am kinda bored. Okay I am completely bored out of my mind. It's just me and our daughter tonight. The hubby and our son lucked out and got to go see Knicks vs Magic game. GO KNICKS!!! ...more

Christmas: Memory vs. photographs

You oughta be in pictures,You're wonderful to see,You oughta be in pictures,Oh what a hit you would be! *Al Bowlly should have sung these lyrics directly to my parents. As the youngest of five children, I was not in pictures often, and my scrapbook is proof. Not a single photo of my childhood Christmas graces the pages of my scrapbook. All that visually remains is what I picture inside my head.And yet, my memories of my childhood Christmas are vivid:...more

No luck!

You will understand my surprise the other morning when I went to the chicken barn and opened the door, fully expecting to find a skunk in my live trap, and instead - NOTHING!  I have no idea how he managed to get away.  He must have been small enough to squeeze himself under the door.  I am however, happy to report that I have not seen the neighbors cat - at all!  I am certain he is trying to recover from a few bruises here and there....more

Day 22...Animated movies your kids should see from the 80's.....

Who's ready for Christmas? ...more

Big or Little, Real or Fake?

I started to write this post in answer to the BlogHer prompt - which is better, a big or a small Christmas tree? but I seem to have answered another question: - real tree, or fake?This year I bought an enormous, real tree. I loved its huge, dark presence. It dominated our living/dining room, along with the pine scent which hit you as soon as you walked in. My daughter 'helped' me decorate it (mainly she looked for Christmas songs on Youtube and sang them while I did the work, occasionally stopping her singing and dancing to point out that I had 'missed a bit')....more

Note to Self: More Reading!

Recently, I've been struggling a bit with having a tad too much on my plate (people who know me well will be laughing as I always have too much on my plate!) There's full, there's heaping, and then there's stuff falling off the sides and spilling all over my nice clean shirt.....more


All around us there are power  lines and towers down for at least three days with 350,000 homes affected; we are still fine with just 12 more hours of freezing rain to live through. It is amusing that I can I can jump on the icy snow and not make a dent in it!...more