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The Superstar Blogger Award: A Ripple Effect

Well after 6 months of sticking to my no blogging awards decision, I have gleefully accepted  two awards in January, this one from a great story-teller friend. I am very humbled and honored to accept the “Superstar Blogger Award” from  Good Time Stories ~ Inspiring and Heartwarming. “Dick Muller” has a warm, insightful, funny page that I would strongly urge everyone to visit....more

Photo A Day Challenge - January 1-15, 2014

So we're midway through the first month of 2014. Did you make any New Year's resolutions? How are you doing with them? While I didn't make any actual resolutions, I do have a few things that are near and dear to my heart which I am hoping to accomplish this year - and I'm getting a good start to one of my creativity-related goals: completing January's Photo A Day Challenge. ...more

Tireless - the Movie (Whippet Poodles at Play)

Tireless: The Movie...more

Generosity is not a matter of convenience; generosity is a matter of the heart

A paper is due tomorrow, for which much reading an writing must be done. A work deadline is looming, and many long hours of toil and sweat are involved. A date is impending. The day is busy and has already taken off, and there is too much to accomplish. Children have needs, bosses have demands, work has deadlines, school requires so much. Life doesn't get easier and slow down. For many. So, when is a good time to stop and help a friend, an acquaintance, a stranger in need? Never. ...more

How the other half does it.

I was happy for him to be able celebrate the holidays with his Mom.Technically, she wasn’t my MIL yet.  This was before we were married.   I had never had a Christmas meal anywhere else but, at my home.  ...more

Grace Under Pressure

NaBloPoMo ~ January 15, 2014 ...more

Apologies. For Realz.

Years ago, I worked for a big software company. I was part of a department that provided a service to our office’s 900+ employees. I talked to many, many employees regularly....more

An "and one" rain...

Lest you think I actually understand anything about the sport of basketball, let me make it clear. Anything I know comes from watching each of my five children play the sport at some level; I never played myself. (And, yes, I am tall. That does not give one the ability or the desire to play that sport. I preferred softball.)...more
You are welcome!  Have fun passing this on to the bloggers of your choice!more

Calling Friends

It seems everyone has a cell phone these days.Even some elementary school kids have them.If a kid today wants to see a friend they call or text from their phoneand make a play date.But back in the days of my youthfulness it was different....more
melanie jean juneau  Sorry I haven't said hello before now.  I am just getting used to BlogHer. ...more

Superstar Blogger Award

It always adds a bright spot to my day when I find out that I've been nominated for a blogger award. ...more
Velvet S. Thank you so much! :)more