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Poll: Hindsight or Foresight?

Given the choice, would you prefer life to come pre-installed with... "Undo" button that would allow you at any time to backtrack and choose different words said or choices made, OR, "Are You Sure?" warning that would give you those extra few seconds of pause before speaking or acting? Enquiring minds want to know... Please share! ...more

The epiphany.

She raised three children on her own.  A single mom years before the term was defined. My Uncle, my Aunt and my MomWere all raised by the Mother of all Mothers.   Her husband was an alcoholic....more

Featured Artisan ~ Ruta Jewelry

Today, meet Ruta Budrikiene, of Ruta Jewelry....more

Look Through Stained Glass Brightly

 I am celebrating the artistry and brilliant beauty of Tiffany stained glass windows, by featuring a few images for Almost Wordless Wednesday. ...more

Midlife Cabernet: Bake a Chicken and Be Adored

 A few weeks ago I spent six hours making chicken parmesan from scratch: I simmered the vegetables to make red sauce, coated fresh chicken in grated cheese then browned it in imported extra-virgin olive oil, layered the meat, sauce, and extra fresh cheeses in a huge pan and baked it to perfection. All the pots and pans in the kitchen were dirty, and I barely had time to open and guzzle the wine before the family came for dinner....more

Pressure to be Perfect

NaBloPoMo ~ January 21, 2014 Tuesday, January 21, 2014 Do you feel pressure to be perfect? How much of it is tied to what you see online?~~~~~~~~...more

Iggy The Bold Bunny

   Iggy was not an ordinary bunny . When we first brought her home and let her out of her tiny mesh cage,  she was so happy that she ran laps around the entire house jumping and twisting in the air every few minutes....more

I'm the Worst Blogger Ever

So this is a NaBloPoMo Month… and I haven’t written a single thing in just over a week….Except, you know, the 30+ solid hours I’ve spent writing report cards (that’s a rough estimate… I lost count somewhere over the weekend).  I had reservations about starting a NaBloPoMo in January, knowing that report cards would do me in…. but I thought nah, I can pull this off.Well, I’ll be back in full force tomorrow, because I’m happy to announce that as of 7:30 pm EST this evening, I finished writing my report cards!!...more

From Conducting a Job Interview to Sharing her Life Story

My mom offered a wonderful suggestion, which I quickly accepted, given that the opportunity rarely arises. My parents, who are visiting from out of town, would watch the twins, so the girls and I could go out and enjoy some quality time together. After lunch, I packed a bag of snacks and snatched another already-prepared bag (of coloring books, white paper, and retractable colored pencils), adding a box of toys that are for outings only (a bunch of Disney princess in MagiClip dresses, with extra dresses to play with); and the girls and I headed out to Starbucks. ...more

Stop Assumption

The other day a friend shared an image on Facebook - you know, one of those memes that eventually makes its way into everyone's newsfeed - about a current contentious issue, which, predictably, set off a firestorm of comments among the people on her friends list. I'll admit it: I lurked. ...more
SueCat Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I am definitely all for standing up and ...more