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Higher than High: Brunching in CN Tower's 360 Revolving Restaurant

When our family friend from Switzerland let us know he would be in town for the weekend, we knew we had a limited time to really show him Toronto's sights, sounds and food! We decided to go ALL IN and made reservations for CN Tower's 360 restaurant prix fixe lunch....more

L'ouvrier: the working man's fine dining brunch!

Allowing 'fine' dining to become accessible to l'ouvrier (the working man) - L'Ouvrier's philosopySo glad that Linds, Chris Ha, and @venntastic were able to join me for brunch at L'Ouvrier! You'll never have a brunch like it in the city....more

Live and let live?

Do you ever feel that you comment too much on other people’s lives? Spend too much time reading what other families are doing instead of things with your family?Read more here...more

Where is YOUR place?

When I lived in Victoria, the pull to connect with nature invariably drew me to the oceanfront, where breathing in the crispness of the salty, seaweed-scented air and watching the sun come alive in scattered sparkles on the tips of the waves was refreshing, renewing. The ocean was life to me, invigorating and powerful, so vast and seemingly limitless yet, somehow, contained in and part of my own identity. The ocean was MY place. ...more

Catholic Humour, Eh?

Catholics CAN laugh at themselves, ya know. These Catholic memes are taken from a Pinterest board I help edit called Catholic Fun, run by CatholicMom. Although just a few weeks old, this board already hosts over 150 pins, all of then hilarious and in good taste. Come pop over and share a smile, a giggle or maybe even a loud belly laugh. Catholic Fun...more


Today brings more grey and mist but the morning is lit up with my blooming irises.  God always find a way to light up the world....more

Burgers for Brunch

Wanted to do a quick savoury review to change things up from our last couple sugary posts (don't worry we'll have more donuts for you very soon) If you're in for something a little hearty and filling, a burger will get you where you want to go. Thanks to my cousins D and A for telling me about the awesome Burger's Priest at Queen Street West. Just one several locations popping up all over the city!...more


Today we had no time for being maudlin, crying into our soup and feeling sorry for ourselves.   There was things to do and a life to live.  The day held promise of sunshine and blue skies....more

Doing Well Under Pressure

A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure. – Unknown The Joy of Mothering &...more


  Questions.Few answers.My entire system has quote my friend, HAYWIRE....more