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Winter Nostalgia

Rushing around doing All The Things and getting ready to attend a Christmas party this evening, so today it's just a quick post in the form of a photo share... one of my favourites from a winter long ago. ...more

Catching Fire: Is Katniss a good Role Model for Girls?

After reading the books and loving the Hunger Games, going to see Catching Fire was a long-anticipated treat for me and my daughter. We gained a child along the way.*SPOILER ALERT*...more

Vermeer’s Vulnearable Women

It is fascinating to me that a man would be sensitive to the plight of women in his male dominated society during the 1600′s. Johannes Vermeer  was a famous  Dutch painter, one of the great masters, who lived from 1632–1675  in Delft. I love many of Vermeer’s painting and have used them in articles, in my sidebar and even as a heading for one of the sites I administer. There is a story embedded in each painting, often alluding to a woman’s vulnerability in society....more

NABLOPOMO - The Littlest Snowman

I was hustling down to the sheep field in the dark in search of a couple of stray ducks when I nearly stepped on this cute little fellow:...more

My mother was right, of course...

This morning, my 17-year-old son was up before 7, despite having filmed the varsity football semi final and arriving home late the night before. (Woohoo! The Cougars are heading for the state final next week!) Before I saw him, however, I saw the empty packets of Emergen-C and the kitchen shears strewn on the kitchen counter and knew something was up. Sure enough, this boy is sick.Headache, fever, and "the worst sore throat ever" are plaguing him. (This from a boy who had his tonsils removed at age 5. It must be bad.)...more

My Time: Recovering Esteem, Discovering Dreams

In reply to the NaBloPoMo Prompt: What do you wish you had more time to do each day?(As a disclaimer: I am sick with the flu today, so please excuse this post if it's off!)  ...more

A Few Measly Days, Of My 38 Years

..."To them, the complete sum of my parts is only calculated by a few measly days, compared to my 38 years." - excerpt taken from 7 Seconds in a Restaurant ...more

The Problem With Friends, (who are girls)

You know how some people are so desperate to make you their friend, they greet you with the obnoxious energy of an overgrown puppy - so eager to get your attention, that they practically knock you over? Yeah, that's not me....more

I Can't Deal With Anything. Deal With It.

I am an emotionally stunted, immature, 38 year old, who absolutely cannot handle stress in any way, shape, or form. Which isn't very convenient....more

The Girl With The Horsey Tattoo

I remember the smell in the room the first time I saw her (after far too many years) - this stranger who was my sister. It was the smell of death and bad breath, mixed with some cleaning solvent trying to mask the obvious - a hospital's distinctive cologne. Lying in the hospital bed, the machines breathing for her, I remember the  rise and fall of her chest, with each artificial breath. Tubes and tattoos her only accessories. Head bound with protective bandages, covering the reason I had just flown these 2,000 miles. It was like I had just seen my sister for the first time in my life....more