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Playing dressup

Despite the fact that as an adult I've never much liked wearing costumes, "playing dressup" was a favourite source of amusement, providing hours and hours of fun and stimulating my fertile imagination, when I was a child. ...more

Allow Me To Comment

That's right, sometimes I don't comment on others' blogs. Sometimes I want to comment and then end up distracted and forget. Sometimes I intend to go back and make a comment. Sometimes I don't want to seem eager, whatever that means, so I don't comment.There are definitely times that I do want to comment. I even try to comment. But, some bloggers aren't set up in such a way that I can comment comfortably. What do I mean. Well, quite simply some bloggers only allow comments through certain social media platforms....more
It's my opinion that as a blogger, it's my job to keep up with comments that are left via ...more

Halloween: Fall Fun

In the Mood for some Halloween fun and ideas? Here are some links that, hopefully, you'll find interesting and check them out. http://www.renweb.com will have more to upload throughout the October NaBloPoMo fest.Happy Decorating!...more

What will I be for Halloween?

Will I dress up for halloween? Well,to be honest I haven't dressed up for Halloween since I was a little girl.However,I suppose if I would be dressing up for the occasion  I would pick a pretty witch costume. I would be a pretty witch and not the ugly old hag that rides a broom....more

Fall's Feeling Good

Inspired by Feeling Good by Nina Simone*Butterflies flying through the air, you know how I feel. Crisp, cool air everywhere, you know how I feel. Leaves of color, covering the ground, you know how I feel. The old world is a new world. A bold world. And I'm feeling good!!!* Fall is definitely turning into a fascinating season this year. An exciting one, filled with as many opportunities as there are colors of leaves, falling from the trees....more

Conversations With Trees

For the month of October I will be trying an experiment in ecopsychology, self-education, and wisdom gathering....more

My favorite autmnal flavor

My favorite autumnal flavor is pumpkin pie. There is nothing else quite like pumpkin pie  and  perhaps a scoop of cool whip on top!...more

Autumn Flavors

So, this is post 2 for NaBloPoMo and since I'm not sure how to relate "fall" at this time of night (or morning to be exact), I'm going with the prompt for flavor(s)....more

The flavour of my autumn

It's ubiquitous at this time of year - you'll see and taste and smell it absolutely everywhere. It shows up as home and table décor... in recipes scattered throughout Pinterest... carved into spooky designs, lit from inside, and set on the front porch... baked into pies and served with whipped cream... in seed form, roasted and salted... as a candle fragrance... ...more

Autumn is my favorite season

The leaves are making their transition from green to the dazzling yellows, oranges and reds, and the chill in the air during some of the most recent mornings makes it clear that autumn is here. I love the crunch of leaves under my feet- the rustling sound is like music to my ears, the sight of the leaves blowing in the wind makes me want to dance without care- just like they do, baking pumpkin <em>everything</em>, the smell of an apple pie in the oven, a good book to read curled up on the couch with my favorite blanket, and a great cup of coffee....more
Quite a scene you have going there...nicely done!more