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Running the Race between Regret and Forget

On November 4th I’ll be running the New York City Marathon wearing bib number 28537, assigned to Orange Wave #2 and starting from Corral #28.  These are the type of details that are supposed to make me feel better, feel in control, as if I know what I am doing.  That is far from the truth.  I usually try to divine some luck from my bib number, associate some clairvoyant omen from the color of my wave and hope that my corral is conveniently located.  The truth of the matter is that I still don’t know if I have transportation to the start since I missed the critical email ...more

Is That Alright With You?

A Note:  I have struggled for inspiration following the NaBloPoMo writing prompts this month, so I went back to my backup plan to the blog post I wrote at the end of September entitled “Prompted” for ideas.  This particular thought has been on my mind for some time and I have struggled to make sense of it.  I’m not sure I did it justice with this post, but at least there’s a little less rattling in my ...more


I am a dandelion stalk,barren and still stripped of its many wishes. I let go of each wish, one by onereleasing my hold on its fantasy. “Letting go is notthe same as giving up,”I remind myself as I stand taller, empty all the same. Wishes are no more thandowny fluff floatingin the air until they take root. No, letting go is not the sameas giving up,and giving up is not the same aswishing it were so. © Kelly Tweeddale 2012   Author of the blog ...more

Trust the Conversation

In the past three days I’ve pulled a middle-aged all-nighter, been sequestered in a labor negotiations situation room, had to rely on my personal experience and sense of integrity, and experienced the best and worst of human behavior.   In those three days, I came face to face with the realities of trust, courage, and our obsession with hiding behind the illusion of a conversation.  It was as if a concentrated microcosm of my life was whirling around me in a tornado of missed opportunities mingled with sleep deprivation and false hope.  In the aftermath of it all, I find...more

Want More Engagement on Your Facebook Page?

It has been a busy week in the interwebz.First, it appears that Facebook was added to the growing list of sites kicked out of Twitter‘s Band Camp. If you have set up either your personal or business page to automatically feed your updates over to Twitter, it probably isn’t doing that anymore. I’ve also noticed that some Twitter feeds on websites aren’t working anymore, either....more
@nwtripfinder Oh, I have seen a dip in my pages as well, but the information that is being ...more

Healing with Haiku

There are days that are so intense that they leave me with very few words.  That's when I turn to the haiku with it's spare and frugal honesty. Capitulation Sorry is a wordthat’s tossed around carelesslybefore the bruises show (c) Kelly Tweeddale 2012 Author of the blog Running Without Toenails, follow me on Twitter @ktweed...more

Masked Friendship

"Without wearing any mask we are conscious of, we have a special face for each friend." – Oliver Wendell Holmes Being Facebook free this month has allowed me to contemplate what the word “friend” means and what defines true friendship....more

For Sale: Slightly Used 1968 Model M

For Sale: 1968 slightly worn out yet still in good condition Mom....more

One Bright Spot in a Facebook-free Land   Author of the blog Running Without Toenails, follow me on Twitter @ktweed...more

Training for a Bedside Manner     Author of the blog Running Without Toenails, follow me on Twitter @ktweed...more