Mother's Day is Different When Grandma Lives in Another Country

I’ve never spent a Mother’s Day with either of my grandmothers. Not because I don’t love and cherish them, but because they live in Taiwan, and I have lived my entire life in the United States. Like many children of immigrants, our world is connected — by airmail, phone calls, plane trips, and now the Internet — but still half a world away. Me, with my maternal grandmother, Image Credit: Grace Hwang Lynch...more

My Greatest Regret, On Mother's Day

 Be sure to celebrate the most important mom this Mother's Day- your mom....

Mother's Day Tribute: For those that call that go by the name, Mother

What do you think of when you think of the term Mother? I think of it as a noun and an adjective. When I refer to the lady, THE WOMAN who gave birth to me, and use the term mother; I am saying this is who and what she is. To say, ‘She’s a Mother’, when you refer to a lady with children, says to me that she encompasses the ability to give tender love and care. She gives of herself to her children who are biologically hers or not. Her work as a caregiver extends beyond her own home and deep into the community. She expends herself in ways that are unimaginable and unconditional....more

Mothers and Daughters: Iron Sharpening Iron

 (Don't I look just like Duchess Kate holding Princess Charlotte in this pic? It's like looking in a mirror) ...more

10 Things to Tell Your (Grand)children in April

10 Things to Tell Your (grand)children in April.  Share your stories with your children and they will build their sense of ancestry.  Click here to read more. ...more

Planning a Multigenerational Roommate Agreement

Moving in with your in-laws and having it work takes some thinking and talking in advance. And by some, I mean a lot. I say that from a professional respect too - as I mentioned previously, I work in housing and community management.These are the areas that I anticipate we will need to discuss:...more

Is It Okay If Your Child Fears You?

Fear is not the first feeling I want to elicit from my children when I see them in the morning. Fear is not how most mothers want their kids to say they feel about them. But fear is a natural byproduct of the parent-child dynamic, no matter how hard we try to rid ourselves of it. ...more
I get what you're saying and agree to some extent. I don't think anybody should live in fear of ...more

Working With Our Space

Effective use of space is one of the things I've read that is key to making multigenerational living a success. The house we have to work with? Not necessarily designed for this. It's a 100-year-old farmhouse with 1 bathroom. I've also read quite a bit on determining how long you'll be staying. To my husband and I, it makes the most financial sense to just settle into multigenerational living so that we can build the house designed for it that much sooner. We weren't so sure about what his parents' thoughts were about that, though.Current configuration of my in-laws' house......more

Playing the Long Game

For all my brave talk, all my "I'm really Stevie Nicks" under these black dress pants and sensible shoes, for all my aging is a joyous, beautiful thing, a lucky thing, priceless if you take it in the right way, all my advice to quit thinking you're diminishing when you should be looking at your vast accumulation of riches, I have to admit this. I am legacy planning.I am thinking about when I am not here....more