Pyrex and Memories

I've been using it, baking during the holidays.  I smiled every time !more

So where does that childish greed for presents come from?

Christmas is going to be a lot of fun this year, I can tell.When you ask Clay what he wants for Christmas, he'll say "a tree."He's been excited about getting a Christmas tree since he saw one decorated with toy trains, cars, etc. in a store back  in...August, maybe?When his momma explained that there might be toys under the tree at Christmas-time, his eyes got even bigger....more

Tears in Heaven

    A year ago today, I got a call that no one wants to get. My beloved papa Ross suffered a massive stroke and was rushed to the nearest hospital. (which happens to be in Maryland as they live on an island in Va) The prognosis wasn't good. There weren't a lot of details. I became numb. ...more

Soulful Sunday: Soaking up the sunshine

No one!  We also enjoyed fall today...had to, with 10 inches of snow forecast for tomorrow!more

Not Your Mama's Grandparents

Tonight my hubby and I got our first chance to introduce our new grandchild to our closest friends. For thirty-five years the eight of us have shared our wedding days, births of our children, job relocations, teenage angst, and marital ups and downs. We've been there for each other through the loss of a parent, the loss of a job and various health scares. These couples are amazing people who have graced our lives with humor and compassion and we couldn't wait for them to meet the little guy who's now running the show....more

The Books of Our Mothers' Mothers

One of the best things about living in the future, as I refer to the 21st Century, is access to information that has come before.  And I in my feminist way, of course, am referring to the bits and pieces of daily life that get lost along the way to posterity, notoriety, and history... the daily stuff of the lives of families, women and children....more

How Love Can Surpass Death

My Grandpa would have been 97 years old last week, but he passed away two years ago this upcoming January.  My grandma passed away five years ago.My grandma was the first person I was ever actually really close to who passed away.  My grandpa was the second....more

20 Ways to Involve Grandparents in Your Child's Life

Grandparents can have such a positive influence on the lives of our children. By proactively including and inviting grandparents into our family lives, we encourage our children’s relationships with them.Here are a few ideas for involving grandparents in your child’s life.1) Sign up for a class for your child to do with a grandparent, such as squirrel class at the arboretum, library story time, make a birdhouse class at Home Depot, bake cupcakes class at the park district, or music class at the arts center....more

Grandma's Little Budget #1

Grandma’s Little Budget Jeri Jacquin So, here is it – the instant mother’s wait for from the moment they give birth to their own daughter. That simple announcement of “Mom, I’m having a baby!” In this modern age, the announcement happened a little differently. On August 14, 2014, I received a slightly panicked telephone call from my 29-year-old daughter Jenise asking if I could please come to her house immediately. ...more

It's Facebook official...

This is what my daughter posted to make the announcement of her first pregnancy Facebook official:...more