It's Facebook official...

This is what my daughter posted to make the announcement of her first pregnancy Facebook official:...more

Wonderful Wednesday: Moments to savor

A few words for Nana

My grandmother on our wedding day in 2011...more

It's about time...

I find it interesting some days, to go back and read what I’ve written on my blog in the past couple of years.  I find joy in the day-to-day life we live and it’s a good reminder why I love to blog / write.  Now I just need to find more self-discipline to be a consistent writer.  It’s something I love to do but tends to be the first thing I let drop when life comes at me.  So, I figured it was time for an update…....more

How to Make a Better Monday

Like a lot of people, I've lived my life without a high regard for Mondays. When I was in school, my hatred of Monday mornings only allowed me to appreciate a small part of every weekend. Friday night and Saturday mornings were great; a time to relax, sleep in, and have fun. After that, the thought of getting my homework done before that Monday a.m. alarm went off took the glow off the rest of the weekend's hours. Once I joined the ranks of the fully-employed, I managed to enjoy Sunday a little more but never planned anything for the evening, knowing that that six a.m....more

We'll call this one Manic Monday

Grandma wants you to have more children

For the decade I was with my husband before we wed, my extended family had one question for us: When are you two getting married? Every family reunion, wedding of one of my cousins or catch up phone call somehow elicited that question....more
When my kids were little, I relied on my mom's help and advice often. She was there when I ...more

The Wonder

There’s something so moving about the absolute confidence young children have in our judgment.They trust us.They believe to their core that we wish them well.Over the past several days, I got to know my granddaughter, and I lived these truths. Amelie lives on the opposite coast so I haven’t seen her as much as I have my other grandkids who live nearer. In fact, it’s safe to say she didn’t know me at all.But, we got on like a house afire.Without a thought, she’d hold my hand. Sit on my lap. Get in my car.  ...more

Potty Training, Sticker Style

Potty Training, Sticker Style Make your mistakes, take your chances, look silly, but keep on going. Don’t freeze up.  ~Thomas Wolfe...more

On Being Meemaw, or . . . Giving CPR to Puff the Magic Dragon

“The relationship between a boy and his Meemaw is a special one, isn’t it?” Sheldon Cooper to Will Wheaton, The Big Bang Theory.When I told my mother I was pregnant with my first child, Matt well, it wasn’t a pretty sight, to say the least. She was desperately unhappy with me, and with the idea of being a grandmother.“I don’t want to be called Grandma,” she said. “The kid can call me Mary.”OK. Shrug....more