The Simple Life

My daughter had a gorgeous little boy a couple of months ago.  I am the primary daycare provider for that bundle.  Avery is a single mother,  and was working three jobs to make her ends meet and are still non actually meeting.  I am a  stay at home mom, my last child is a freshman in high school.  So I have made a decision to help her in the way I can.  Most days are great but occasionally I do miss just being able to pick up and go.  But my parents live in town too, so they help out when needed as well....more

Don't Be A Backseat Grandparent

We have become grandparents through our children and to be trusted Grandparents our children need to trust we support them as parents.To read more click here ...more

Mindful Monday - Have Fun and Relax This Holiday Season

Mindful MondayThis holiday season create time to have fun and relaxand stay emotionally healthyClick here to read the post...more

"Santa Wouldn't Put THAT In My Toys..."

"Santa Wouldn't Put THAT In My Toys" ...more

Mindful Monday - Practice Mindful Kindness This Holiday Season

Rather then dreading holiday family gatherings approach this season with an attitude of kindness towards yourself and your family.Click here to read more ...more

The best cook in my family is dead

With Thanksgiving upon us, I'm inspired to write in honor of my beloved grandmother, whose love of food and family created a deliciousness that I will always remember....more

While I Wasn't Looking, My Parents Got Old

For some time now, my wife and I have been concerned about my elderly parents living alone out in the country.  It has now been about 17 years since my mother stepped out onto the patio, slipped on the wet surface, went down hard and shattered her shoulder.  She had to have surgery to remove the crushed pieces of bone and replace it with a new shoulder.  These fixes are not designed to last forever and we know that she will likely have to have the shoulder replaced again at some point....more

Darkest Day of the Year: The Fire

 It was December 21st, in the year 2003. I remember it clear as day....more

10 Things To Tell (grand)children in November

It is important that we share our families stories of courage, victory and loss because in doing so we provide our (grand)children with a framework from which to deal with this events in their future....more

When mom and dad are your roommates

I have returned to my Mother's nest twice in my life. The first time was right after college, when I stayed there for three months to search for my first job. The second time was when job situations caused me to live apart from my husband and I was pregnant and no one wanted me living on my own. I was fortunate that both times my Mom and Step-Dad were there to take me in and take care of me....more