Traveling companions are better than apps

We recently took a 10-hour drive to New Jersey for a family reunion. (Not in one day. That's craziness.) This trip went significantly better than the last really long car trip we took because of several things:...more
Fun in Fairfax VA I love the idea of goody bags and travel bingo. He's still little, but he ...more

5 ways to be prepared for preschool - Helpful for them and you !

These are some simple easy and generic ways to prepare your child or in my case niece to be ready for school !5 ways to be prepared for preschool: video will focus on how to prepare your kid for preschool ! Lets face it preschool can be nerve wrecking for moms or in my case the aunt ..Hahha . I want to make sure my niece is prepared to go to preschool to lighten out the uneasy feeling in her , her mom and I :) Here are five ways to prepare them and you ;)

Always Eat Breakfast and Other Lessons I Taught My Daughter

The light was on in the kitchen and then the small light in the dining room. I saw my daughter setting out a placemat, a bowl and a spoon, a box of corn flakes. Of course, a box of corn flakes. She always ate corn flakes growing up."You have to get up, Mom. We have to leave for the airport in a half hour."It was 4:00 a.m. The rest of the houses on her street and most of San Diego was dark....more

10 Ways to Enhance Walks with Young Children

A walk with a baby, toddler, or preschooler makes everyone brighter. With fresh air, exercise, and a refreshing change of environment, walks can be one of the best remedies for boredom, restlessness, or fussiness. Walks also help children learn concepts and have memorable experiences related to science, language, math, senses, nature, and the community.Asking Questions...more

8 Unique Contributions of Grandmas

My kids are lucky to have two grandmas that come over often, and I really appreciate the unique energy they bring to our lives. Research shows that kids who form close relationships with adults other than their parents are more likely to be successful in terms of school, jobs, and self-esteem. Our grandmas are perfect people to fill that role, so I make sure that my kids can see them every chance they get.What’s so great about grandmas?...more

30 Ways to Sneak in Special One-on-One Time With Young Children

In the hustle bustle of stressful family life, it is more important than ever to spend special one-on-one time with each child. Kids adore the attention, the fun, and the indulgence of having one parent all to themselves. What’s not as obvious is just how meaningful it can be for parents. If you are a parent who feels exhausted from doing laundry, dragging multiple kids to swimming lessons, refereeing arguments, or cleaning up spills, having special time with just one child can actually put the zip back in your step, the magic back in the moment....more
Hi Casilya, Thanks for your comment! Hope you enjoy the fall with your son Elijah. Erinmore

One Tradition that Must Never Die

Family tradition is what drives me.  In fact, as I write this, I am sitting at the kitchen table in the room where my mother was born, in the house that her grandfather built in 1898.  ...more

How Are Boomer Grandparents Different?

How Are Boomer Grandparents Different? ...more

8 Things New Grandparents Should Know About being a Grandparent

Just the other day, I was at the Rite Aid buying some emery boards for Bambino fingernails when the store clerk noticed his onesie.  It read, "If mommy says no, ask grandma."  The store clerk said, "I know that's right.  I need to get that from my grandchild."  ...more

A bit on family reunions

Here is the thing about family, Tiny Human:There may appear to be too many people.There may be too much putzing and stalling while assembling for group activities.There may appear to be too much noise and too many conflicts.There may be too many attempts at winning your affection or attention....more