Cognitive enhancing pills have no long-term benefits

A new study says patients have no long-term benefit from using cognitive enhancers to try to improve concentration, memory, alertness and moods.Although there were some short-term benefits to using the pills on one cognition scale, the drugs actually significantly increased the nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and headaches for most people. There were NO benefits on the second cognition scale or on behavior, function and mortality....more

What Grandparents Mean to Me

 What does the word “grandparents” mean to you? For me, it has many meanings.I think of my own grandparents, who have all passed away. I was exceptionally close to my grandmothers and used their maiden names to name my first born. I think of wonderful afternoons connecting as well as missed opportunities. I think of how delighted they would be at news about my boys and the comfort they would have given me on days parenting seems overwhelmingly tough....more

Brain-Boosting Video Games

It turns out that video games might actually help boost your cognitive skills as you age.  I’m not talking about the kind of videogames that your children or grandchildren might play, but rather a specialized game designed with you in mind to help with multi-tasking and your hand-eye coordination as you age....more

What to Do If You Just Can’t Take Away Mom's Keys Yet

Driving is a rite of passage for many of us.  Unfortunately, not being able to drive any more due to age is also a rite of passage, but not a positive one.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an average of 500 older adults are injured EVERY DAY and 15 are killed EVERY DAY due to driving accidents.   But, no matter who we have talked to, taking away the keys is one of the hardest transitions caregivers note having to make and most try to avoid it....more

I Knew Her When, but I Didn't Know What Kind of Mom She Would Be

I like to say I knew her when. I knew her when her bangs were cut straight across with sewing scissors because the idea of spending real money on a haircut for a kid seemed outlandish to me. I knew her when she would dangle upside down from a metal bar at the playground, do a flip and land on her feet on the concrete while I covered my eyes and waited for the absence of crying. I knew her when she would sit across from me, a single mom with a single daughter, while we ate dinners made with a lot of macaroni and tomato soup. ...more
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Let The Ramble Begin

I've hit that place again where I just don't have much to say, but really, I think it's not enough time on my hands to sit and place thoughts here.  So let the ramble flow I say and we'll see what happens. ...more

How the aging brain learns

I love when researchers are surprised by their evidence. It often means they're being more honest. They theorize it will go one way then have to report that it actually turned out another way. Here's a recent example:Neuroscientists - who previously had no way to truly study inhibitory neurons - are now able to thanks to new genetic and imaging technologies. ...more

1st day of school was a success!

Wow... time is going by so fast for this mama (Nannie)!I sent my baby girl, Cheeks off as a sophomore in high school. I'm just so proud of her & the goals that she has set for herself! Aubrey has always told our kids to remember the 3 things: Who's you are (God's child) ~ Where you came from ~ You can ALWAYS call home! I pray this school year is the BEST yet!...more

Caregivers Need Care Too

If you are the caregiver, it is sometimes hard to admit that you need time apart from the person you care for day in and day out. You love them, you want them to have the best care possible, and you want to be there for the person for whom you care. But, this often means that you get no private time. There is no time for you to have thoughts for yourself, for you to run errands, or even to just take a walk. Unfortunately, while you think you are doing good, this constant lack of attention for yourself may be hurting both you and your loved one. ...more
Great point. All caregivers need a break,more

Never Too Old for Back to School

By Dr. Kristen Dillon...more