Summertime Thoughts

The house is empty this morning. In the summer this is a rare occasion. I want to enjoy it while I have the chance. I can hear the birds singing and the weather isn’t too hot yet. It’s a Texas summer, so we enjoy our morning’s pre-100 degree days. I have more than enough of my to-do list today and it’s slow going to get moving. My fur babies are at my feet, where they are more often than not these days. This is far from the career days of jumping in the shower before I’m awake and heading out the door, only to come home in time for dinner and bed. ...more

Life is so darn funny, crazy, and irrupting sometimes, what to do........

Ok  so I allowed my youngest twin daughter to take our grandson with her to see his mother on Mn and then the 3 of them would go out to vegas for a little fun in the sun with him. I have yet to talk withmy grandson as he seems tonot want to talk on the phone with me ever which I find totally ironic becasue when he is here it's nana this nana that and so forth. Not only that I am trying really hard to make some headway with my daughter and that is seeming to not happen either. I am so confused right now....more

How to Grandparent?

I didn't have much in the way of grandparents in my life to demonstrate how to grandparent.  Two of my grandparents died before I was born, one grandfather, who I struggle to remember, died when I was four, and one grandmother, who I fiercely loved, lived until I was thirteen, but we only saw her rarely.  When I was growing up it seemed the thing grandparents did best was pop off.My husband didn't know any of his grandparents, and I'd be surprised if he even knew their names....more

My Eyes Are Right Here

(originally posted @ My Really Real Reality) The Grand baby's new favorite game seems to be trying to pretend the person holding him just doesn't exist.  The rules of this game seem simple.  He is completely intent on looking at absolutely anything else in the room, except you - the person holding him.  And he's very good at it.  Especially when the person holding him (that would be me) has her own face about 6 inches from his and is saying ...more

Tying Shoes a Parenting Failure!

Tying shoes! It was just one of my failures as parenting.  I wish I could say I taught my kids everything they know.  I wish I could say I always made the right decisions about everything.  I wish I could say I had perfect kids, you know,they had straight A’s and never caused me an ounce of trouble and ……Oh, tying shoes that is what I was telling you about. Listen, I sucked at that lesson in their life....more
I am so thankful for friends and relatives with special skills.  I can't picture myself being a ...more

Unwanted Excitement on Wedding Day

My daughter’s sister in law got married on Saturday, and I had promised that hubby and I would take care of the little ones so everyone could enjoy themselves at the wedding.  There were a few hours between the ceremony and the reception, so the plan was to either drive the babies around for an hour so they would nap in the car, or to take them home for naps in their beds. ...more
 @HomeRearedChef thanks so much :)more

Life Rearranged

Mealtime with the four year old has become quite a challenge. I make dinner, he tells me he doesn’t like what’s for dinner (before he knows what it is) and we have a showdown when he refuses to eat. Tonight it was chicken enchiladas, last night it was slow cooker lasagna. It doesn’t really matter what I make, he has decided he doesn’t want to eat dinner. He stands his ground, I stand mine, and he eventually ends up being sent to his room. After tears and some drama on his side, he ends up back at the table and eats his obligatory three bites....more

What I want for Mother's Day...

I keep reading articles and blogs that talk about “What I Want For Mother’s Day”. They talk about breakfasts, jewelry from husbands, brunch outings, days at the spa, and a mass of other trivial bits of nonsense that don’t really mean anything....more
Wow! Can I have your boy? He is so sweet. You are one lucky mom! --One day, some girl would be ...more

How Wonderful To Hear Your Name Uttered...Your Grandmother Name, That Is!

From the moment I knew that I was going to become a grandmother, I began researching "Cute Grandmother Names".  Laugh, if you must, but THAT is a very important thing!  Whenever the child begins to talk, you grandmother name not only needs to be cute and fitting for you but it needs to also roll of the tongue easily; you are hoping it is one of the first words they say. ...more
My mother goes by YiaYia (the greek spelling of how you're saying it). My oldest refused to say ...more