Holy Crap. I'm a Nai Nai!

Living in China, I wasn't able to see my daughter Hannah progress in her pregnancy except through social media and two brief visits. Arriving in Boise from Manhattan last week and walking her around Target at 10 p.m. to try and induce labor made it all real. Holy Crap-I'm a Nai Nai now! But I'm too young to be the "G.. word" and I live so far away--how can this possibly work?  As Hannah often tells me, "Mom, it's not all about you!"  Really?  I thought it was.....more

How to Send Mother’s Day Memories to Mom Across the Country

Eleven years ago, I got married one week before Mother’s Day. We boarded an airplane in Detroit, Michigan headed for our honeymoon in Antigua. We booked our return flight to New York, NY where we were to begin our lives. Our wedding date is May 3rd and the following Sunday was Mother’s Day....more

Strength in Motherhood

I’ve always been proud of my children. From infancy to adult and motherhood, my daughters have amazed and humbled me. I am the proud grandmother of ten precious wonders and each has a special place in my heart.8 lbs 9 oz...more
WHAT!?!?! Well, Suzie Ivy, Hello! So glad Linda Anselmi spilled the beans on Chatter that you ...more

Mother's Day: Somewhere in Between Us

Mother's Day is a bittersweet time for me and a difficult day for my grandmother.  We mourn the woman who connects us, the mother who made me want to be a mother, the daughter who made her a mother....more

Remember the Way Home

We piled six bikes onto the back of her truck......more

What Your Mom Really Wants For Mother's Day

I instructed my family..."Please do not buy me anything for Mother's Day" And although my family gives really great gifts, I honestly have more stuff than I know what to do with right now More stuff is not what I'm feeling. I've received...flowers...more

Do you parent from nature or nurture?

My father used to rock me to sleep; my mother used to sing with me. These are things that I do with my son because I have such fond members of them from my childhood. But those are things I know I learned from my parents. ...more

We deserve the government we get

They say we get the government we deserve and I agree.  We either don't vote or we do it without being intelligently informed.  There are so many countries who don't have our privilege to freely choose who will lead us.  And yet we are so cavalier about it....more

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Daughters be good to your Mothers

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Daughers be good to your Mothers With Mother's Day approaching, I thought I'd share an article that I found this post about the 30 Signs Your Mother is the Best Person in Your Life: http://elitedaily.com/women/30-signs-your-mother-is-the-best-person-in-your-life/....more

The Dark Side Of Grandma

She's been gone for a while ––traveling to far away places and living large. And today is her birthday.Happy birthday, Mamacita!**Click image to read full article**...more