Grandpa Welcomed Her Home


Thanksgiving Manners. me a Haitian without manners and I'll show you the devastated parents and grandparents wondering where they went wrong.To "old school" Haitians a person's manners (or lack of) is a direct reflection on the family that raised him/her. Good manners is indicative of a loving home with parents who cared enough to teach right from wrong. Bad manners...well, bad manners signals a need for pity. It elicits a shake of the head followed by a "podyab" or a "poor baby". Bad manners is proof that you were dealt an unfair lot in life....more

Pinterest Enthusiast First Post

This is my first post to BlogHer and so it's a trial and error type of post.  Please bear with me while I learn how to work this blog.  First of all I tried to post a picture and it wouldn't let me upload one from my computer.  It required a URL which I don't have.  I thought that was illegal....but that's just me.  I'm sure that I'll figure it out after much trial and error.  If I don't post anymore on here, it's because I found a much much simpler blog site to move too....more

Thanksgiving Memories

What is your earliest Thanksgiving memory?  Was Thanksgiving a big deal at your house when you were a kid?  It certainly was at ours.  And not always in a good way, I might add....more

Is there an Elf on Your Shelf?

Across the country, schools and homes have elves on their shelves to prompt good behavior.The elves are watching, you see, to see if kids are behaving.  If not, the elves will report to Santa, which means some unfortunate little boys and girls might not get what they want for Christmas.Decades ago when I was a youngster, there was no elf on the shelf.Santa Claus himself was watching us, or the Big Man upstairs. Like the popular elf, they were liable to be anywhere and everywhere....more

Cranberries, an old funnel and Nanny: Thanksgiving is nigh

The hot cranberries are starting to burst. Steam building up inside each ellipsoid ultimately forces its taut magenta skin to explode, like a gum bubble that’s thinned to the point of failure. As they break open, their juices coalesce with those of the lemon and apple as well as the melted sugar, all of which swirls like lava around the pot. I love the pop-pop symphony that demarcates this stage of cranberry sauce making. It means not only that the cook must take care to avoid being splattered by hot innards but also that the finished product is at hand....more

The Christmas Gift to Give the Grandparent Who Has Everything

Yes, I realize that Thanksgiving isn't even here yet, but this idea needs to be shared early. Please be patient with the delivery, as there is more to the story....more

Thanksgiving Was Never The Same Again

Sitting on the second floor deck, wrapped in my jacket, gloves, scarf and hat, I sipped my hot chocolate. The cloudy sky made the night seem exceptionally dark.  There was a slight breeze and I inched closer to the gas heater.  The noise of the traffic below was muffled by my thoughts.  ...more

Pyrex and Memories

I've been using it, baking during the holidays.  I smiled every time !more