Granny Shoots from the Hip--on washing

Lava Sus Manos--Wash Your Hands...more

Granny Shoots From he Hip

Naked, Drunk and Writing—good title for a book. Too bad, it’s already taken.I wouldn’t talk about myself so much, but I know more about me than anybody.This morning I had garlic for breakfast. Not a normal fare, but I had this wonderful sour-dough whole wheat bread from Metropol’s here in Eugene Oregon, and a couple of nights ago I roasted a few garlic bulbs—still had some let-over in the frig. So I toasted the bread, spread copious amounts of butter, ate cold garlic cloves with it, and Yum. (Hot coffee too.)...more

On Love and Loss: Hearts on a String

"She says it's important," my husband said, pushing the phone towards me."It's not important," I said, sidestepping my daughter, trying to reach the wall, hammer and nail in hand."She said to put you on the phone," he urged.I took the phone from his outstretched hand."What is it?" I said, peppered with the frustration of my daughter shrieking in the background."Gram passed away today," she said, emotionless."Oh. Okay. Wait - What?" I asked incredulously. My husband and daughter had left the room....more

Mother's Lessons still abound


Raisin Toast & Tea

Yesterday a friend and I made a pact.  When I told my husband that, I could hear his eyes roll even though they were glued on the road ahead of him as we drove along.  “But it’s a good pact!” I said, hoping to interrupt his skepticism.  And it was a good pact.  I hope that we both remember to keep it, despite the many other things that push to crowd it out of our me...more

How to apologize to your mother

My Mom is a good sport. Here I am airing all sorts of personal stuff online and she takes it in stride. Does she read my blog? Yes. But you won't see her in the comments section - she sends me her thoughts via texts, phone calls and food. ...more

The Wallet

Kindness in a dad is a very valuable thing.I saw that tonight at dinner. My seven-year old granddaughter had picked out a wallet to give to her dad for his birthday. We bought it, she wrapped it in blue birthday paper and tied a white ribbon around it....more

Searching for the Holy Grail of Donuts: The Mashed Potato Donut

A few weeks ago, I received an email from my brother with a link to a website and a cryptic message "Is this what we've been searching for all these years?"  First, I thought it was one of those spam emails with messages designed to get you to click on the link and second, I couldn't recall that my brother and I were actually searching for anything....more


NaBloPoMo – January 4, 2014  Pressure...more

Grandparents Challenge: Share a hobby with my son

My son is a lucky little guy. He has three sets of wonderful grandparents who love him to pieces. They think he is adorable (and he is), they love to brag about him (and he is brag-worthy) and they all read this blog (hi, everyone!) So, with all that in mind: I have a challenge for them:...more