Hollyhocks and Memories

As we age memories from our youth become stronger.  Here is one such memory.  What childhood memories have you surrounded yourself with?Click here to read more...more

Mindfulness Monday - Breath to anchor yourself

Mindfulness MondayBreath to anchor yourself and teach your (grand)children to do the sameClick here to read more ...more

Parents Abused by Adult Children

Parental abuse is a silent problem, widely prevalent but not widely discussed. Search online and most of what comes up is about parents who abuse children.Parents who are bullied by their adult children have trouble admitting it; they may even deny that there is a problem. They feel depressed, and anxious....more

Homesickness and What We Learned

Homesickness is real and here is what we learned about iton our most recent trip with our granddaughters.Click here to read more...more

How My Dad Became a Father at the Age 70

Gotcha!  I do not have a half sibling with a 40+ age difference....more

Raising My Grandchild

If you would have told me that I would be raising my 6 month old grandchild in my 40's I never would have believed you.  It was a time when I was newly married to my high school sweetheart.  My own children were grown.  I became a grandmother for the first time.  Little Sophia was an amazing blessing, and I loved being a grandma.  Then...my daughter began making poor choices, and she lost custody of her child.  Sophia could have gone into foster care, but we were lucky enough to prevent that.  We began to raise her ourselves....more

Forever a Superman

Like many little girls, growing up I thought my dad was Superman. In my mind he was the smartest, funniest, most wonderful man in the world.  And then I became an adult and realized that while I loved my father very much, like most of us, he had his faults....more