Grandma's House Is on the Market: We Took a Look

Last week, my grandparents' old house went on the market. It has been inhabited by another family for almost twenty years now, yet every time I drive by it, I still think of it as Grandma and Grandpa's house ... despite the many renovations. My mom, my aunt and I decided to go to the open house, to see what had changed and what had stayed the same....more
I'll remember that "backdoor guests are the best" Very sweet, thank you.more

The Reflex of Deference: What Keeps Male Privilege Going

Deference is the wee tiny rock that women carry in their pockets, the signal to tell them to get out of the way, sit down and be quiet, but who put that rock there?...more
Patriarchy is like air, the signals are everywhere. It can be overcome, but it isn't easy. It ...more

How Do You Say Goodbye When He Doesn't Believe He's Dying?

How do you say goodbye to someone who doesn't believe he's dying?...more
This is never easy.  You shared a beautiful story and your last paragraph was so touching.  I ...more

Pioneer Spirit: A Message from Leafa.

 Leafa Numbers was my paternal grandmother. We had a chat this week. She was born in 1888 in a sod shanty in Kansas....more
I love this story, how magical it must be to listen to your Grandmother speak....more

Ten Clues That You Might Be a Do-Over Grandma

Maybe you were in that first mass exodus of mother's hurrying to working and missed the moments and milestones of raising the kids you dropped off at daycare. Maybe you were a stay-at-home-mom and enjoyed it so much you want to do it all again (or you were a miserable failure and want a second shot at getting it right).Or maybe you were one of those over-involved (s)mothers that gave Helicopter Parents and Tiger Mom’s their name.Whether valuable resource or unwelcome interloper, Do-Over Grandmas seem to be here to stay. Here are the top ten clues that you might be one of them....more

I Was So Not Ready To Be A Nana

Mom, Your going to be a grandma was not something I was particularly ready for. I mean I was maybe 45 and still had one daughter in high school!  I don’t know if I ever would have been ready for grandchildren until it happened.  I wasn’t one of those parents.  I was ready for an empty nest after raising four children.  I was so not ready that our middle daughter got married I had one request of the newlyweds.  No grandchildren until we turned 50.  The actually laughed at me!  ......more

The Importance of Banter with Young Children

Banter, or informal and spontaneous chatting, gossiping, joking, and storytelling, can be amazingly beneficial for young children.Benefits of BanterLanguage Rich Environment...more

Happy Grandparents Day

Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Papa, Oma, Opa, MeMe or PopPop, whatever you call them they are your grandparents, and they are special! Special in a way that no one else on earth will ever be. "Grandparents are there to help the child get into mischief they haven't thought of yet." - Gene Perret ...more

I've Fallen in Love with Someone New – Happy Grandparents Day!

September 7th is Grandparents Day!!!!!!!!!!!! On August 8th in Seattle, Washington, our daughter Sarah and her husband Sol, brought a beautiful pink bundle of joy into this world. I am now a Grandma! Now, I understand why grandparents go on and on, bragging about their grandchildren....more