When you take your grandkids out to eat

Last Saturday I took two of my grandkids out to eat at a buffet style restaurant.My grandson had been gone for a while picking out what he wanted to eat while my granddaughter and I were sitting at our table with our food.Finally he came and sat down. We noticed that his plate had nothing on it so his sister said,"You realize you don't have any food on your plate ,don't you?" He  looked down at his plate with disbelief and said," I watied in line for all that time and my cookie must have fell off my plate." All three of us had a good chuckle over it....more

How to help your grandson with his homework

A few days ago my nine year old grandson needed help with his harvest moon poem so here is what we started out with  Leaves are in the trees. Leaves are turning brown and falling on the ground.Now I have to rake for goodness sake! Guess I need a break!We didn't like the first poem we came up with so made another one.I can see the moon. It is the harvest moon. It is way up in the sky like a big orange balloon. What do you see? Do you see the harvest moon? ...more

The 10 Commandments of Grandparenting: Thou Shalt Follow Each, Grandma!

I don’t want to come off as ungrateful. I had a mom who was home from school when I got there, who checked my homework, and who tucked me in at night. She taught me how to bake and gave me an appreciation for everything that involved 15th to 17th century European court. We could spend hours on a snow day camped out on the couch, eating our freshly baked cookies and watching Jane Austen novels-turned-A&E specials. I understand how lucky this makes me. ...more
Very funny!more

The Importance Of Writing Your Ancestor’s Stories

We are the people we are because of the influence of our ancestors. If these stories are unwritten, then how are your children going to know of their heritage? These stories could be lost simply because you failed to write their experiences down....more

Digging Deep to the Heart of the Family Tree!

October is National Italian American Heritage Month...and as an Italian American, it’s only natural that this  finds me digging up some roots...family roots....more

The Melancholy of Sunday Night

 It starts around 5:00. Before that, the day has hope. At 5:00, hope evaporates into little clouds of resignation that then gather and form a storm cloud of dread. It's as if someone has given me a pill timed to dampen my mood and behavior late afternoon every Sunday.This has been true every Sunday night of my conscious memory and I'd like to know why....more
Makes perfect sense to me!  I enjoyed reading your post.more

Saying Good Bye to My Mother-in-Love

This time she broke her hip.  Although she was in a ritzy assisted-living facility, the ravages of Alzheimer’s had taken her balance, her wit, her sense and ultimately, her dignity.              My husband drove the six hours to get there and met up with his sister.  Along with my brother-in-law, the three kept vigil over her, did jigsaw puzzles and told corny jokes....more

Cognitive enhancing pills have no long-term benefits

A new study says patients have no long-term benefit from using cognitive enhancers to try to improve concentration, memory, alertness and moods.Although there were some short-term benefits to using the pills on one cognition scale, the drugs actually significantly increased the nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and headaches for most people. There were NO benefits on the second cognition scale or on behavior, function and mortality....more

What Grandparents Mean to Me

 What does the word “grandparents” mean to you? For me, it has many meanings.I think of my own grandparents, who have all passed away. I was exceptionally close to my grandmothers and used their maiden names to name my first born. I think of wonderful afternoons connecting as well as missed opportunities. I think of how delighted they would be at news about my boys and the comfort they would have given me on days parenting seems overwhelmingly tough....more

Brain-Boosting Video Games

It turns out that video games might actually help boost your cognitive skills as you age.  I’m not talking about the kind of videogames that your children or grandchildren might play, but rather a specialized game designed with you in mind to help with multi-tasking and your hand-eye coordination as you age....more