Thoughtfulness Thursday: Daughters be good to your Mothers

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Daughers be good to your Mothers With Mother's Day approaching, I thought I'd share an article that I found this post about the 30 Signs Your Mother is the Best Person in Your Life:

The Dark Side Of Grandma

She's been gone for a while ––traveling to far away places and living large. And today is her birthday.Happy birthday, Mamacita!**Click image to read full article**...more

Grandmas who care for grandkids one day each week stay sharp

If you watch your grandkids one day a week, there's good news. If you watch them five days a week, the news is not so good.New research from the Women's Healthy Aging Project study found that women who spent one day a week caring for their grandchildren performed the best on 2 of 3 tests of mental sharpness (ie. working memory and  processing speed). Those who took care of their grandkids for 5 or more days in a week did "significantly worse" on the tests....more

Musing while sitting in the school parking lot.

II love spring. The temperature are not too cold and not too hot. There is a breeze off the water you can feel anywhere in the city. Another thing you can see and smell is the marsh. Oh well, it is all a part of Charleston.With spring comes spring break. I was sitting in my car waiting for Natasha, and idly watching the kids come out from school. Observation is priceless....more

Rest and Relax: 7 Beautiful Areas in the Northeast

Relaxing and retiring in Florida isn't for everyone. It's extremely warm in the summer, and for many, it's far away from their family. While that area of the country may have palm trees, the Northeast has the beauty of seasons and amazing cultural opportunities. It's becoming a very comfortable and popular place for people to retire.While the Northeast location puts you near some of the largest cities in the U.S., there are also many hidden gems in its smaller towns, which are ideal for rest, relaxation and retirement....more

Who am I?

While writing the About Me section to my blog, Marilyn's Treats I started looking at other blogs to see what they shared. I have always been someone to bring a new aspect to what I jump into so I thought this article would be better.When I was a young child I loved to roller skate, play jump rope and ride my bike. I was also comfortable just walking up and down the sidewalk using my imagination to become a glamorous movie star, or a researcher that found the cure to cancer. Well you get the picture. I was known as the free spirit down the street....more

Will You Remember?

Will you remember April 2014, my dearest Evie? My dearest Ellie, Nathan, and Jonah? Will you remember dozing in the swing and on my chest and in my arms--and my snitched kisses to your soft cheeks and neck?...more

New Moms Need Encouragement More Than Advice

They say nothing can fully prepare you for parenthood. From my experience, that was certainly the case. It wasn’t until I survived labor and delivery and was cradling my first babe that I started to get it. I felt like I had officially been initiated into the mommy club, joining millions of women who had gone before me. It was the most amazing feeling in the world, but it was also one of the most overwhelming. ...more
This is one of the reasons I love our pediatrician.  Always feel like he is a bit of a ...more

The leftovers

The depleted cardboard roll bounced on the kitchen counter as the last bit of plastic wrap came off in my hand. I contemplated the empty container, wondering if Philip would enjoy playing with it. I touched the sharp edge meant for cutting off perfect-sized segments. Bad idea, I thought. I tossed the box into the recycling pile.The remnant wasn’t enough to cover the bowl of leftover spaghetti and meatballs, so I searched for more. I felt anxious as I switched on the pantry light.Do I have any left? Why don’t I pay attention to these things?...more
mothersapronstrings Thanks so much for the comment. This story has resonated with many people. I ...more