Grandparenting: It Isn’t For Everyone

It’s your grandchild’s first birthday, Grandma! You are: a. on your previously scheduled cruise. What?! Tickets were non-refundable. b. holding the birthday child on your lap, smiling for pictures as though you’re working the red carpet. ...more
I love spending time with my grandbabies!more

On Naming: What Do You Call Grandma?

My friends ask me what will I be called? In the new-fangled family of which I am a part. I will simply be Grand Mommy. He has a Nana and a Grand Mommy B. I will be more than content with an open and joyful relationship over time. While I say it does not matter “what” he calls me, I don’t think I would fancy being called Patricia. ...more
My two grandmothers both picked what I would call them.  My mom's mom was Mother....I never ...more

"Mom, Why Aren't Grandma and Grandpa Married?"

I'd love if all parents who have to deal with divorce and/or remarriage in multiple sets of grandparents would chime in on a post that Goddess in Progress. In short, her son wants to know why Grandma and Grandpa aren't married anymore. I don't have advice because I'm trying to figure out how to explain these big concepts to our sons. How do you explain grandparents' divorce(s) to your kids? ...more
My response was "Because they were figured out they were both happier when they didn't live in ...more

I Learned Grandma Is a Lactivist

Have your grandparents ever surprised you with a revelation about their past or their beliefs? You grow up thinking you know what your Grandma has been through, and then, BAM! She surprises you. Mother of Ambition recently shared one of those moments with her husband's grandmother. Not only is it a fun and informative post about breastfeeding and generational issues, but it's a touching tribute to a grandma who seems totally amazing. ...more

The Grandparent Effect.

A few years ago, every time we would show up to pick up the kids from my mother-in-law's house, my oldest would wail and scream and pout and generally implore us to let him live with grandma. Apparently this is called the grandparent effect as I learned from Rachel at Grasping for Objectivity. It eventually got better, though they never want to leave any grandparent's house, and I've learned to ignore it and accept it for what it is. Have you experienced the grandparent effect? ...more
I have but on a much unhappier note. My mom used it to her advantage and manipulated my oldest, ...more

A Tribute to Opa Oepie

Grandfathers are mighty awesome creatures. Mine still stands out in my memory as a pillar of strength in my childhood and clear through my 20's. Hey, Mrs. Wilson recently lost her grandpa and wrote a moving tribute to a man who had 6 children, 16 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren. The memories she shared made me miss my grandpa a bit too. What did your grandfather teach you? ...more

Here's my tribute to my Grandmother, who passed away ...more

Should Grandmas Get a Pass for Laughing at a Dance Recital?

Michelle at Burgh Baby noticed a trend at her daughter's dance recital: Grandmas were laughing at the kids' mistakes. While the mistakes were cute, she questions if the laughs were appropriate and/or if there is a generational mindset that makes it okay. ...more

My mom used to call me "sensitive" when I was growing up. With the hindsight of adulthood I ...more

What's So Bad About Being Old Enough to Be a Grandma?

Grandmas are awesome. Just ask any kid. I hope to have the same view that Lisa at Grandma's Briefs shares in a recent post. Not only is she old enough to be a Grandma, but she's put in the hard work of living life to get to this point. It's a bit humorous, a bit real and a bit of must-read for all ages. ...more

I'm so happy you did, too, Jenna! Thank you for sharing it with the awesome BlogHer ...more