Summertime Moscow Mules!

The drink Moscow Mule a 1950 throw back is gaining again in popularity. First introduced in the US as a way to sell vodka: this drink is a refreshing cocktail especially for a summer evening. Served in the traditional chilled cooper mug(you need the mugs in my opinion for a true Moscow Mule!) Easy to make by even the most inexperienced mixologist.  ...more

Vegan Coco-Nutty Dreamcicle Juice

Green juices are the staple juice in the house. Recently, the kids haven't been drinking them as much. I think they are bored with the flavor ... frankly, I am too. We were in the habit of putting the same things in the juice: kale, carrots, apple, banana, hemp seeds and usually another fruit we had in the house. There is nothing wrong with this juice at all but I think we just need a little variety! ...more

7 Sweet, Tart, Fruity + Fab Cocktails for Your Labor Day Cocktail Celebration!

Say good-bye to the season with the taste of 7 summery cocktails. -PJ Gach...more

Ex-Porn Star turned Winemaker- That’s what he said.

In Los Angeles where the majority of the creatively inclined population has to stitch together an income from a variety of sources, one can meet the dancer/school teacher, or the freelance writer/barista, but the ex-porn star turned winemaker is a def...more

Homemade Fruit Infused Water

SUMMER COCKTAIL | Berry Pineapple Twist

We were pinspired recently for this week’s summer cocktail by an amazing looking drink recipe called a Blackberry Pineapple Smash, originally created on food blog,What’s Gaby Cooking. We decided to take her blackberry-pineapple idea, and changed her lime juice to a sweeter orange for a refreshing berry pineapple twist concoction!...more

There’s a New Gin in Town: Bogart’s Gin

ROK Stars launches a liquid hommage to Humphrey Bogart. -PJ Gach ...more

SUMMER COCKTAIL | Chili-Infused Vodka

This week’s summer cocktail is a chili-infused vodka cocktail with lots of kick! We love the unique flavour of an infused spirit, and it has become really trendy lately, with many bars & restaurants in the city getting in on the action. We were inspired by Indian restaurant Sher E Punjab on the Danforth, that served us an amazing cucumber-chili infused vodka cocktail a couple of months ago....more

My Bloody Mary

The Community Coordinator on behalf of Williams Sonomainterested in my own twist on the Classic Bloody Mary..." The one stipulation was that I had to juice the tomatoes. No problem there, I am no stranger to juicing....more