Kale and Apple Smoothie

This has been a week of kale for our family. Kale in salads, kale in soups, and kale in this smoothie. The reason for this is the kale growing in my garden is massive. Little shop of horrors if you will. No to mention the kale is in fierce competition with the equally as massive zucchini plants....more

Brazilian Limeade

Sparkling Peach and Strawberry Sangria

What do you get if you smush a mimosa and a glass of sangria together?...more
Beautiful and it looks so refreshing!more

STOP! Step Away from Boring 4th of July Cocktails! Try the Patriot, Firecracker Manhattan & More

Raise your glass to Independence Day, the Founding Fathers and equality with these easy-to-make  cocktails.-PJ Gach...more

Vegan Jamaican Carrot Drink

The rising temperatures can sure put you in the mood for something cold and refreshing, doesn't it?  Well, this awesome Jamaican carrot drink is just the ticket to quenching that thirst.   I remember an old friend of mine introducing me to this drink many moons ago. ...more

3 White Wines You Need to Uncork This Summer

White wine is a summer staple. It’s just not summertime without sipping a refreshing glass of white wine during a backyard cookout or while watching the sunset at the lake.This year, there are even more white wines on the scene. I’m all for a good Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio, but instead of slipping into your same old summer habits, mix things up with newer grape varieties.Three of this summer’s must-try varieties are Valvin Muscat, Vignoles, and Aromella.Valvin Muscat...more

3 Infused Waters to Stay Hydrated this Summer

I struggle majorly with getting my daily dose of H20, because I honestly just rarely get thirsty. To liven up my water, I like to infuse it with ingredients that are tasty but also have nutritional benefits. Try out these three combos, and let me know what you think! ...more
That would be fabulous for you. - Denisemore