Wine Picnic Stix, Sit Back and Relax

 Wine Picnic Stix, Sit Back and RelaxSummer means spending quality time outside and doing plenty of great things, including drinking a good bottle of wine....more


Do you realize how much stuff we buy due to marketing?I did a marketing study tonight for one hour. It was for Keuring Kcups.Now, because I am married to Compostman, I, when a Kcup is used, rip the top off and take the coffee out.I add the coffee to the compost....more

A Perfect Event

A beautiful setting for a wonderful evening with friends...more

Toddlers, Tantrums, and Ryan Gosling to the Rescue

Dear Ann Abler,...more

Cinnamon Apple Tea Latte

The Aeronautical Cocktail Shaker, Covert Design With Class

 Having your home bar stand out from the others is often about finding unique accessories.  Even better is when you find gadgets like the Covert Aeronautical Cocktail Shaker which look great and offer an even better back story....more