Banana Coladas

If you have ripening bananas, let me encourage you to let the banana bread wait for fall and enjoy a banana colada while you still can....more

The Staggering Physician

I try to be a "to each his own" type of person. I try not to judge what others are drinking. I try.  But I fail miserably....more

Madison Avenue Whiskey Decanter Set, Style and Class

If you are looking to add a touch of class to your home bar, the Madison Avenue  Whiskey Decanter set is the perfect addition.  Its combines the best of both of 60′s style and today to create a classic look that fits perfectly in a home bar....more

Apricot Scones

It was like any other normal morning in San Francisco. Woke up, went to work, ate breakfast, and headed out around 8:45 am with a few coworkers for a quick coffee break. Most of us get into the office around 7 am and like to take a break together to get our morning caffeine (we call ourselves the “Coffee Brigade”)....more

My Day with Coffee

It’s four in the morning and my alarm rings. I hate it. And I just don’t want to get up from bed. The mere thought of leaving the coziness of my comforter to getting under the chill water from the shower make me shudder. I am grumpy. “God, why am I in this kind of a job!!!”And then, you come as my life-saver- to cheer me up and to tie me down from punching the first person that I see in the morning! Oops, other than my husband though!...more

An A-Z Guide of Forgotten Cocktails

By: W. Castellanos-Wolf...more
Cocktail Crafty Yes, please use it! Thanks for offering to be a judge for the CCC!more

Thirsty Thursday Velvet Devil Merlot and Stuffed Pepper Recipe

There’s a routine every Thursday, I go to my local grocery store search for ingredients to feed the troops at home, look for a bottle of wine and get ready for a run. After my run it’s time to relax, cook and aerate my wine of choice. This week I picked up The Velvet Devil Merlot from Washington state. Basically it was the name and simple label that drew me to it. ...more