Peppermint Hot Chocolate Recipe

This velvety hot chocolate is steamed with almond milk, rimmed with chocolate and peppermint, and topped with whipped cream.When sipping this hot chocolate the flavors melt in your mouth creating a delicious treat!...more

Candy Cane Cocktail by The Gourmet Mom

Candy Cane Cocktail by The Gourmet Mom: what you love, love what you eat!...more

Mu Coffeehouse Creamy Cocktails Adds a bit of Coffee to Your Drink!

Love the taste of coffee? Then you'll love Mu Coffeehouse Creamy Cocktails. - PJ Gach...more

The "Happy Pill" of Holiday Cocktails (and Survival)

(This is a great and festive cocktail for Christmas too!)Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and with it comes the ensuing craziness (and let's be honest, Drama!) of the holiday season. My husband's family tends to be pretty "Brady Bunch" - calm, cool, collected. Mine on the other hand...oh boy, you better hold on tight. It's gonna be one hell of a ride. ...more

Try It Tuesday...DIY Latte


"The Afternoon Nap"

"The Afternoon Nap" is a collection of seasonal short stories about winter holiday magic, simple recipes to savor for enjoying the season’s moments and thoughtful gift ideas to share with friends and family. Last month I realized that I was not going to have this ready in full for this holiday season so I decided to share some of the stories with you for feedback to help shape the book and to use the season to feed my creative process so that I can complete my book....more

Kick off the Holidays with a Hot Toddy!

Are you still on a turkey hangover? I know I am! The end of Thanksgiving marks the transition from fall to winter for me. Once the turkey feast is over, I'm ready to put away my orange and brown decorations and haul out the red and green. Our house makes an amazing transformation on Black Friday. For me, Black Friday is not about shopping; it's about putting up the tree, decorating the house and enjoying a hot Tom and Jerry. ...more

Hot Toddy - recipe on blog

Truthfully, the cold weather has been lingering for a while here in Chicago.   Climate shift??… apparently we have swapped climates with Antarctica.  {Whom, by the way, is having warmer temperatures than we are right now… what the heck is this about?}  Geeze!  Is anyone else over Chicago’s winter already?  Spring… you seem so far away.I’ve been soaking up as much sun as possible while I’ve been here – I was in need of a lot of vitamin D.  Come Monday, I’ll be back in the bitter cold, and the beach and warm sand will be only a distant memory....more

Sparking Cranberry Sprizer