Lemon Barley Drink To Satiate My Sweet Tooth

 My homesickness went up a notch over the weekend. And it just doesn’t stop there. I think of my family everyday – every single one of them....more

Banana Mango Dairy Free Milkshake

 Oooooo honey, I absolutely love myself a milkshake! Especially when chopping down on one of my guilty pleasures, french fries! No sweat, I don’t eat them often at all *wink.* However, as much as I love milkshakes my body just can not handle the aftermath of consuming’em! * Shaking My Head*So, what did I do?!I came up with a healthier alternative to having my milkshake & drinking it, too (childish neck roll)....more

My Favorite Smoothie!

      I love starting my day off with something refreshing, healthy and of course Organic!      I drink this in the morning to set my day off right!                                                        SWEET KALE SMOOTHIE!   In a blender add;1 Handful of fresh Organic Kale leafs...more

Tequila Review: Hornitos Black Barrel Tequila

Looking for tequila to sip and savor? -PJ Gach...more

It's the Great Pumpkin Latte, Charlie Brown!

So I rival Linus and his unrequited love for the pumkin....more

Pina Colada Smoothie

Kick off this long holiday weekend with a Healthy Pina Colada Smoothie. This pineapple drink is easy to make. It can be left virgin or can easily be made into an alcoholic drink. ...more
SaraCrisóstomo Well that's a good question. It's definitely not working. I'm going to file a ...more

thirstyGirl: Samuel Adams Cold Snap Beer Review With Food Pairing

Heat Wave Calls For a Samuel Adams Cold Snap Beer Served Ice ColdTo say that there’s a heat wave in California the last few days would be calling it a little mild. This week the heat has been pretty unbearable, reaching past 100 degrees in most of the coastal areas. To add to our misery, our place was built in the 60’s and for some odd reason they didn't consider air conditioning! Let me tell you, the ocean breeze doesn’t always occur here....more

Iced Coffee...with powdered sugar?

On Saturday, I did not know that I was on my last bag of sugar. That disorganization comes from my current job, stay-at-home momma. I was never like this. Ok, probably old age factors in there too.So, as I made my Mother's Day breakfast, "Vanilla-Sparkling Wine Pound Cake" from Better Homes & Gardens, I used up the last bit of sugar. No worries. My toddler and I would stop at the grocery store on Monday after we dropped the other two children off at preschool....more

thirstyGirl Zinopolis Wine Review & Food Pairing

Zinopolis™, a place where your palate reigns supreme and Zinfandel is always on the menuScanning the wine shelf for this week’s wine review and my eyes quickly went to this cool label – Zinopolis. First, thing that came to my mind was Monsters Inc., Monstropolis! I know silly right?...more