Cadillac Miami Beach Oceanfront

Collins Avenue is responsible for many of Miami’s tourist. That may include families, single men and women as well as business men and women who come to explore, enjoy and soak up the life of Miami Beach. Many may come for various conferences, parties or networking events, while others indulge in the attractions of the city.  With a plethora of hotels that are willing to accommodate any of the out of towners as well as locals who need a getaway, there are only a few that get it right....more

4 Delicious Uses For Apple Cider

While my absolute favorite use for fresh sweet cider is to make it into delicious hard cider, there are many other uses for apple cider. Since it is cider season, and Cider Week in the Finger Lakes I thought I would share some of those uses with you today. ...more

Your Guide To Chilled Red Wine

No longer a faux pas to serve chilled red wine –Have you ever wondered if it’s okay to drink chilled red wine? I’ll admit, I have turned up my nose in the past when a friend’s done this faux pas. Who puts red wine in the refrigerator, or dare I say on ice! However, the last few months dealing with some crazy heat waves, I have not been able to enjoy my red wine. That is, until I broke my own cardinal rule…chilling that nice bottle of red....more

Poppin Bobas

Kanye West may claim to have invented swag, poppin bottles, and putting supermodels in cabs, as he unashamedly boasts about on "Otis" (a song off of his and Jay-Z's collabo on their album, Watch the Throne), but he and Jay ain't poppin like I'm poppin.  Poppin bobas, that is.  Bobas, fun little spheres of tapioca that are as fun in your mouth as they are to see floating around inside of your frozen yogurt, smoothie, or tea.  Even more fun is trying to suck them up through your straw like a boba-obsessed freak.  Take my word for it, for I've tried....more

Pumpkin Bombs

This post was featured on Natasha in Oz.We are on Day 12 of 13 Days of Pumpkin and what better way to celebrate our final Friday than with a nice beverage.Or in this case, the fall version of an Irish Car Bomb....more

The Beer Glass Froster, A Perfect Cold Beer

Beer served in a cold frosty glass is one of the great advantages restaurants have when it comes to their bars.  While freezing your cups is possible at home, it takes up a tremendous amount of space in your freezer and the cold only last for one beer.  For our frosty beer lovers, we have found the perfect gadget with the beer glass froster. ...more

Pun'kin Kahlua


 picture courtesy of no wheat no dairy no coffeeWhen I was 16 I worked at my very first job. I ran a small coffee shop in my neighborhood. All day I made and drank coffee. I was a full fledged coffeeaholic from that summer forward.Every morning the first thing on my mind was "COFFFFFFEEEE" nothing else mattered until I got that brown liquid down my throat. Mostly because I knew if I didn't that the headache would set in. Not to mention I just could not think or focus with out it. The only exception was when I got pregnant and that was only because the smell of it made me want to instantly loose my lunch.So you can surely imagine that when I started my juice cleanse in July, I had absolutely no intention of getting off of coffee. ...more