What’s the “healthiest” thing to drink at the bar? Your 4 best bets

Background image sourceTo get straight to the point, I like to drink....more

Simple Sweet Potato Smoothie (Allergy-Friendly, Vegan)

Simple Sweet Potato Smoothie (Allergy-Friendly, Vegan)  ...more

100 Words: A Recipe for Morning

A recipe for morning: Unclip the lid on the white glazed canister full of glistening chocolate brown beans. Lean forward slightly to breathe in their intoxicating fragrance. Transfer some into the grinder, one scoop for every cup, and press the button to allow the razor-sharp blades to do their work. Brew the fine powder with clear water and let the aroma tantalize as the heady scent filters through the house. Pour the dark silky liquid into a mug and take a sip – ouch! – but not too soon. Warm your hands, drink in the goodness, and prepare for the day. Ahhh. ...more

Disney Inspired Cocktails

I don't drink alcoholic beverages, but I may need a few to get me through an entire week of being with my kids. Yes, Spring Break Officially started 5pm yesterday. I found a Collection of Disney-Inspired Adult Drinks on Pinterest that just might be the cure....more

Buddha Hand Sugar Syrup And A Sweet Ever After

The Buddha hand fruit was only available in the supermarkets during the Chinese New Year festive season; two weeks after the festive celebrations, these fruits were all removed from the shelves. Curiosity got the better of me and I had to buy them back home before they were gone in order to find out more about these little (freaky) wonders of nature....more

Naturally Purified Water

Water, natures’ perfect commodity, its many uses range from cleaning your body to cleansing your insides. Though there are many products on the market claiming they can clean this, soothe that, but let’s be honest, none can do what water can. Without water can you take a bath, no. Can you fix a glass of cold ice tea no you can’t....more

Anakena Chile Carmenere: Wine with a Wild Side

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the chance to try any new wines, I have been searching my normal haunts (Trader Joe’s, Costco, and the Wal-Mart) and have been striking out in finding anything interesting that fits into my Middle-Class wine parameters (under ten bucks a bottle). Then, while on his own perfect brew mission, the Hubs returned from the Total Wine with something different, a Chilean Carmenere, and viola a new bottle to taste and share my thoughts on was found. ...more

The Formidable Buddha Hand Citrus Fruit

It was one memorable experience at the supermarket that we had while shopping for groceries on the weekend before Chinese New Year. We saw something that resembled a freak experiment out of a horror movie.Read more from 'The Formidable Buddha Hand Citrus Fruit'....more

Dirty Mint Shamrock Shakes

One of my absolute favorite ice cream shops is Three Sisters in Providence, Rhode Island. They make a few dozen homemade ice creams, which I feel compelled to try about once a week when Ryan is playing in Pawtucket. I can’t even begin. Everything is so unusual and delicious. One flavor that tops my list in the summer is their Dirty Mint Ice Cream, made with a creamy vanilla base and fresh garden mint. It is so refreshing that it makes me smile the whole time I eat it. After having it I tend to turn my head to artificial mint flavored ice creams....more
Looks great and delicious. Will definitely try this one... ...more