Mother Earth Brewing Co Kismet IPA Review

Beer, Movie and Pizza It’s been a couple of weeks since my last thirsty Thursday brew post and what better way to start it up again then with Mother Earth Brew Co. Kismet IPA. It’s time to relax, drink a brew and watch a movie. ...more

Midlife Mom Jan.24 diary entry.

 Well,here I am once again.I actually slept last night,and for once wasn't awake at 4 AM Planning my life's journey.Lately,I have been in favor of simply not stepping on the scales  At all,this way I won't be saddened,I reason.Besides,I could have more serious problems. My house badly needs reorganization,I am reminded as I quickly shut my closet door,as it's contents threaten to spill out on the floor.Do you ever feel a sense of urgency;like the feeling that you have so much to do that your private time is encroached upon?? I suggest simply shedding this feeling like a coat you don't want to wear.In fact I have learned to do this kind of thing all the time. I kissed my husband goodbye as he set off for work(goodness he's starting to look old:Do I look that old??)Never mind.I have invented a smoothie recipe guaranteed to reverse aging.Here it is: Chop fresh pineapple,blueberries(as many or as little as you want),ground cinnamon,ground flaxseed,skim or 1percent milk,honey to taste,into blender.Hold onto lid as you blend unless you want the contents all over your cupboards.(I already did this).This drink has amazing powers,lowers cholesterol,provides protection against diabetes And heart disease,as well as breast cancer protection.So drink up.Cheers! Picture at top of blog....more

Wine News RoundUp: Prices Going Up, Sustainibility & More

I curated some great information and fun reads about wine from this week.  Check it out. Cheers! Oh cheap wine, no you didn't!Let's be honest.. we have all bought a wine because it was cheap. Sometimes the wine that is on sell is not what you think. Peep this great wine article on Wine Folly by Madeline Puckette to get the low down on wine prices and tips to selecting wine that is cheap....more

Coffee Awareness - Kick Ass Style

I realized this morning how delighted I have become on my coffee. When did this happen? The process of grinding the beans, measuring, the unfiltered aroma arising, yes, I am definitely hooked. And then it happened, I am at work, anticipating the excitement and find that I do not have enough product to make two substantial cups!...more

Wine Review Video J Brut Rosé

A wine review of the sparkling pink J Brut Rosé. Creamy texture and vibrant berries make this a sparkling treat....more

Wine Review J Brut Rosé

A wine review of the sparkling pink J Brut Rosé. Creamy texture and vibrant berries make this a sparkling treat....more

Lips Of Faith - Super India Pale Ale (Alpine Collaboration) - New Belgium

 OK let me start off with a "Well Yum!!!"I am not a big fan of New Belgium but I am a huge fan of Alpine. Their delicious Nelson Rye and Duet are 2 of my all time favorites. Both complex and beautiful with their flavor profile. It is a little taste party in your mouth anytime you drink either of these....more


Another arctic front is moving through this week and I have just the drink to help you warm up, wassail. What's a wassail, you ask? Wassail dates back to the 1400's and is an Old English tradition.Wassail comes from "waes Hael" and means to "be well" or to "be healthy". At the beginning of the year, the lord of a manor would yell out "waes Hael", a crowd would soon gather and reply with "drinc Hael" which means "drink and be healthy". As years went by, people carried on this tradition by going to the neighboring homes around Christmas time, with well wishes and carrying with them a hot, spiced ale drink which came to be known as wassail. The tradition of going around to neighboring homes and wishing well became known as wassailing....more

Things You Don’t Get To Do When You’re In A Drunken Stupor

That’s right, being a drunk is fun, you get to meet all these great people at the bar. You hang out with them, you love them, they become part of your life. If you don’t see them, you miss them, more than the booze. I’m not an alcoholic for the beer, the bar is where my friends are. The people I love. The people that get me through good and bad times. The people that give me silly ideas, thoughtful comments and insight....more