How to Make Mason Jar Margarita Bridal Shower Favors

Last Sunday we kicked off our “summer of wedding fun” with a bridal shower honoring our daughter, the bride-to-be, Kate and her fiance, Chris, at River Bar in Assembly Row in Somerville....more
great idea :Dmore

Summer Beer Guide


Citrus Poolside Mocktail

Any free time has been pretty scarce lately....more

Say Cheers On World Gin Day With These 10 Gin Cocktail Recipes

World Gin Day is almost upon us and I couldn't be more happy about it. There was a time when I didn't like gin but that is well in the past. Nothing quite says summer to me like a cold gin and and tonic on a hot summer day. Gin and tonic was the first gin cocktail I really loved, but I'm trying to branch out. Here are 10 gin recipes that I would be thrilled to toast with on World Gin Day. Cheers! The Gin Daisy...more
Tangueray n' Tonic, please!more

Watermelon and Lime Fresher!! The Perfect Summer Drink!

This very refreshing drink was created by my daughter Laila who is 12, and it is amazing!!! She saw something similar and wanted to re-create it with me and so this is what we did and it came out perfect! :)You need:3 cups watermelon5 limes - juice2 cups distilled water1 teaspoon organic sugarMint leavesBlender ...more

Lemon and Rosemary Sweet Iced Tea

To me, warmer weather means making a LOT of sweet tea. It's my addiction. Seriously. I can't get enough of it. I love to add different ingredients to my tea, and this one is one of my favorite flavor combinations: lemon and rosemary sweet iced tea! ...more
Christine S Thank you Christine!!  Ohhh you should try it... not only is it yummy, it saves you ...more

Lemon Strawberry Moscato Punch

Would you consider yourself more of a rule-breaker or follower? ...more

Orange Ginger Mint Tea

Hello my friends.  I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous day so far.  Ever so often you need a soothing tea.  Whether it is warm you up on a cool, damp night or a pick me up during the day or just to settle a restless tummy.  A nice warm cup of soothing tea often seems to do just the trick....more

Kickin’ Off Negroni Week with a Cocktail Celebration

Six amazing mixologists create Negroni-themed cocktails—get the recipes here. -PJ Gach...more