A Juicing Guide for Beginners (without breaking the budget)

You know how important it is to eat your vegetables right? What about drinking them?You’re right, it is super important and I am about to tell you why with a beginners guide to juicing. Why not try the challenge of drinking one juice a day for 7 days and see how different you feel....more

What a Food Blogger Dinner Party Looks Like

Food bloggers Brita and Sara collaborated on a fabulous spring dinner menu and hosted parties in their respective homes on the same night. They then shared their parties/menu on their blog. I went to Brita's party—here's a peek at how it looked! ...more
Looks like fun and so delicious :)more

A great wine fir this summer : #Gragnano

This weekend the sun was here and so were some spring weather and warmer temperatures. We have always preferred red wines over white one ( it's a matter of personal taste of course) and drinking robust and bold reds with quite alcohol content when the weather is heading towards summer it's not ideal. So we have tried and highly recommend for your al-fresco dining this amazing red wine from the Sorrentina Peninsula in Southern Italy. Gragnano DOC - Terre del Gragnano from a well known winemaker Iovine....more

Vanilla Peach Oat Smoothie

Warmer weather is finally here which means its time to step up my smoothie game. I've been trying to unlock a secret smoothie formula that isn't loaded with sugar and will keep the hunger pains at bay until lunch time. Are you ready for a bold statement?...more

Mint Julep Mocktail

When you host a party for friends and family, it's always fun to have a special cocktail for the event;  something to go along with the theme of the party.  And, it doesn't always have to be an alcoholic drink.  Just a fun, signature mocktail for the evening!...more

Dinner with Afrohead

Last week, Afrohead was kind enough to invite me to an intimate dinner to introduce their expansion into the Nashville market. The rum company, founded in the Bahamas (Harbour Island) in 2008, has recently expanded into the United States via Miami and is now available in several restaurants/liquor stores in Nashville! Along with members of the Nashville press, I sat down with Afrohead's founders and representatives at East Nashville hot spot, Holland House, to learn everything I needed to know about rum! And to taste it, of course! We started off with a drink called the FroCo. ...more

Nettle Tea Smoothie


Coconut Cherry Smoothie

Before we talk about this smoothie, lets talk about a couple changes that we are making at Q+T. You may have noticed our menu has been tweaked to include more specific recipe options and a broader lifestyle category. That's because over the next few months we have decided to put a lot of our effort and attention into bringing you new recipes. There are a few reasons for this but the two biggies are 1....more

Favorite Smoothie Recipes

Today for Friday Favorites we rounded up 10 delicious smoothie recipes from the wonderful world of Pinterest. Believe it or not, warmer weather is coming, and with it smoothie season. We love smoothies for a quick, healthy, and on-the-go meal or snack....more