Cafe Au Lait

You really don't need any fancy equipment or espresso machine to froth milk and make a great café au lait at home. ...more

On October 4th Grab a Cocktail and Celebrate National Vodka Day !

Don’t you love it when a holiday’s on the weekend! Raise your glass to National Vodka Day. -PJ Gach...more

Raise Your Cocktail Glass to Fall with Any of These 5 Tasty Drinks!

Cozy up to a Cruzan® Estate Diamond® Manhattan cocktail or the Pink and Pom--it's made with tea! -PJ Gach...more

Pomegranate lassi recipe, How to make pomegranate lassi | Anardana lassi

Anar lassi recipe  Pomegranate lassi is a yogurt based smoothie prepared with pomegranate....more

DIY Cold-Brew Coffee

Sugar, milk or a combination of both is often a remedy for smoothing out the bitterness in a cup of coffee. Iced coffee is often so watered down that bitterness and acidity can linger and put a damper on this hot day beverage....more

Venice Beach Wines: Beet Salad with Flair!

Ooooh la la! Wine and beets and cheese   oh my! Craving some Southern California warmth, a glass of delicious Malbec, and a snazzy, decadent beet salad? Yes - you heard me correctly: decadent beet salad! Venice Beach Wines awaits your fabulous presence.  ...more

Lessons in alcohol

While reading my son the story of Dumbo, I had forgotten there was a passage around the clowns drinking some "funny water." And of course my son didn't understand what that meant. So that became the moment when I told my five-year-old about the effects of alcohol. ...more

Beets, Brews, and Doppelgangers

I am in love with the Pacific Northwest. Rich with delightful cafes and restaurants, vibrant culture, and a delicious saturation of breweries, Portland is one of my favorite cities in Oregon to visit. ...more

Mango Milkshake

Before summer officially ends I want to share one more refreshing recipe that’s easy to make.  Apologies if you’ve been seeing a lot of bananas in my posts for the past weeks.  I’m obsessed with frozen bananas lately. I think it will become a staple food in our house. My little boy’s nap and sleep routine has also changed. I can’t squeeze-in baking in my schedule right now. We want a dessert and this quick recipe is just perfect.  ...more

Two-Ingredient Banana Smoothie

One super hot sunny day.  Sweat dripping.  Frozen bananas in the fridge.  Left-over milk.It’s time to make banana smoothie.My little boy and his dad were playing basketball outside which means I have this teeny-weeny little chance to sneak in the kitchen to make something that will beat the heat.  Something fast.  Something easy.  Done in a matter of minutes before my little boy returns and cling to me like a panda....more