Victory At Sea Coffee Vanilla Imperial Porter – Ballast Point Brewing Company

 Truly one of my FAVORITE beers any time of year. But especially delicious over this holiday season.Rich coffee and vanilla flavors. Silky, creamy mouth feel. Phenomenal lingering flavor.The flavor is a nice well-balanced roasted coffee, toffee, vanilla delciousnessPour- a beautiful dark brown/black color with a lovely creamy milk chocolate headBody – like drinking a hot fudge sundae in the best way....more

Holiday Gift Guide for Your Host or Hostess

Wednesday, December 10, 2014Hostess Gift Guide During this holiday season whether you are staying for the weekend,  dinner or a cocktail party, it is always important to remember ...more

Holiday Punch by The Gourmet Mom

Holiday Punch by The Gourmet Mom:

Prickly Pear Margarita

Prickly Pear Syrupmakes 1 Cup of syrup2 very ripe Prickly pears1/2 cup of sugar1/2 cup of waterPrickly Pear MargaritaMakes 1 Margarita...more

Amaretto Almond Delight Cake


Peppermint Cacao Cocktail Recipe

Don't ya'll love to find a new cocktail to share with your girlfriends? This peppermint cacao cocktail is one to bookmark. It's sweet and bubbly, and deliciously flavored with peppermint and chocolate.~ Making Spirits Bright ~Ingredients:...more

Does milk still do your body good?

I grew up watching those milk commercials where a scrawny tween drank milk to capture the attention of an older, hotter teenager. And to this day, I drink milk. I don't drink the supposedly recommended three cups a day, but I do generally have a cup a day. From a young age, I bought into the whole marketing campaign: Yes, I want strong bones and teeth and I understand that milk provides me with the bulk of my daily calcium needs. ...more

Spiced Mulled Wine

I was pretty excited to try a mulled wine recipe for the holidays because I’d never had it before. I’m always apprehensive because I really prefer dry red wine and I’d always thought mulled wine would be way too sweet. This recipe is a great balance between a warm, spicy drink while still having a bit of dryness to it. ...more

Holiday Coffee by The Gourmet Mom

Holiday Coffee by The Gourmet Mom: