Day 20 - Felt Good on My Lips

 Since we moved to NorCal, we've spent a lot of time in the Wine Country.We're only about 3 1/2 hours north of Sonoma County,and from there it's a short drive to Napa.We bec...more

Wine Wish List: The Wine Stopper

Spiced Apple Cider

Oh!  How I loooooooove Apple Cider.  I’ll drink it cold or hot, but there is just something about a cool crisp Fall day and a cup of Warm Spiced Apple Cider.I think I’m getting a little excited for Downton Abbey to come back on because I thought to myself, “Why not fancy it up a bit and put it in a tea cup?”...more

Boozy Kahlua Iced Coffee

Like to caffeinate while...more

Orange Juice from Juicing

Want to enjoy a refreshing orange drink? We really love our Juicer - and we have embraced the challenge of trying new things. This orange drink is not made from oranges. ...more

Three 3 Winemakers White Wine...Win or Lose

Well my friends it is time that it happened again, I have been on a winning wine streak, and as streaks are known to do, it has come to an end.  As much as I love sharing great budget wines with you I truly hate sharing the budget bombs but an honest wine drinking mama has got to do what an honest wine drinking mama has got to do, so here it is....more

Cinnamon and Cloves Make a Great Apple Cider

Apple cider is an excellent drink for those cool fall and winter evenings.Spice it up a bit for a great smelling house and an even better drink. Adults – fell free to mix a little whisky or burbon for some kick.Here’s what you will need:Apple Cider4-6 Cinnamon Sticks1 Tbsp Cloves1-2 Lemons, slicedPour one gallon of cider into a large pot. Add cinnamon sticks, cloves, and lemons....more

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

What woman doesn't like getting out for a night of fun with her girlfriends.  Girls Nights Out are the best!  I love them, because they give  me a chance to  relax, laugh and just have fun catching up with my friends.  Before hitting the town my girls and I  usually gather at one of our homes for a quick drink and chat. ...more
These are such great tips!  I've always wanted to throw a dinner party for a bunch of my ...more

Favorite Hour of the Day ~ Depends on the Day! NaBloPoMo prompt

My favorite hour of the day.............There is the early morning, if I happen to be able to get out of bed, just while it's getting light. The birds are just starting to make noise, the sky is a beautiful hue, and there is so much possibility.I make coffee, do the morning routine until it is finished brewing, and then sit and ponder what the day has in store....more