A Week in Napa - Part 3


A Week in Napa - Part 2


Would you like a cup of coffee?

In effort to meet the opportunity to open up my blogspace for Blogher NaBloPoMo as a conversation on my blog I would be remiss not to start this on Twitter too. So from 6pm to 7pm PST today my twitter handle @SwimPatricia will also continue this topic of :Women and Coffee I admit its not very original but, I will promptly place myself at a coffee shop to go over some previous noted thoughts:...more
BlondewithSilver that is interesting given the iconic versions portrayed in movies and tv.more


This week I visited a friend and she made me a smoothie. Not just any smoothie, but a healthy GREEN smoothie designed to promote weight loss.It took some convincing because I’m not usually the type to eat something that doesn’t look appetizing, but I trusted her, so I did it. And guess what?Now I’m totally hooked!...more

2013 The Independent Petite Sirah From Club W Review

Ever wondered what wines will stain your mouth after just one glass? I'll tell you the 2013 The Independent Petite Sirah is definitely one of those, but don't turn your nose on this dark, jammy and dry wine just yet!...more

Club W Review: A New Kind of 'Wine Club'

  Wine Club Revolutionizing How You Discover and Share Wine I’m the first to admit, if it has anything to do with wine, I’m pretty much a sucker for it. I love finding new wines to drink, recommend and add to my party arsenal! So, when I noticed the Facebook ad for W Wine Club I was very intrigued....more
A friend recommended this service, so I gave it a try.  The wines were low quality with very ...more

Tropical Smoothies

For many of us this has been a very cold and snowy winter. I bet you would love to be somewhere else....more

Easy Homemade Hot Chocolate

My kitchen has been closed this week. Not because of the snow, but because I have a head cold. Yes, the dreaded head cold. All week long I've felt like a fire breathing dragon. Every breath I took in and out, my nose and throat felt like they were on fire.And the only thought I had all week was "how do I put this fire out?"I went for the fighting fire with fire option. Yep, everything I put in my mouth was hot. Well, not hot HOT because that would burn my mouth, but warm hot. I drank coffee (because no matter how sick I am, I still need my coffee, only coffee lovers can understand this {smile}), hot tea, Theraflu, hot water and lime (because that's all I found in the fridge at work), chicken broth, and hot chocolate....more

Strawberry Banana Smoothie With a Veggie Twist

With it warming up here in Southern California, I've gotten back to my morning smoothie breakfasts. I have currently been enjoying this twist on a typical strawberry banana smoothie. That traditional flavor we all love has received a healthy dose of veggies. It may not look the prettiest but it's damn good and damn good for you.  ...more

Island Coconut Loose Tea Blend

  Because it's cold outside and hot tea is the only thing right now that keeps me from going into total hibernation, I've been tinkering in the kitchen with some new loose tea blends. I stocked up with some organic herbs earlier in the year to help us live healthier and improve our overall well-being. Herbal tea soothes the soul, folks! Soul-soothing is what I need. Always....more