Taking your coffee in a sippy cup

My son is not a morning person. I am fine with that. I am fine with talking gently to him in the morning, making his room brighter and even helping him get dressed on the days when he is really not into getting out of bed. I'll do whatever it takes to help him start his day....more

Our Top 3 Aperitivi to Make at Home


Healthy Shamrock Shake (Smoothie)

I really think I made a big huge mistake for the timing of my Sugar Crush Challenge. I say this because every time I walk into a store, I see St. Paddy's treats and Easter candy all around me!Ugh, this hasn't been easy!My sweet tooth is telling me to indulge. Will Power is saying "don't do it!" It's like the battle between the little angel and devil that sit on your shoulders in the cartoons. Lucky for me, my willpower is much stronger than my sweet tooth.And since I've been seeing homemade Shamrock Shakes all over the web these last few weeks, I decided to make a healthier version, one that doesn't have as many calories, fat, or sugar as the original McDonalds Shamrock Shake....more

Aperitivo Time!


7 Unforgettable, Spectacular and Tasty St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails

Why go for the usual cocktail on St. Patricks’ Day? You deserve better. -PJ Gach...more

Baileys Chocolate Cheesecake

Blueberry Pineapple Smoothie

It's been three days since I started the Sugar Crush 30 day Sugar-Free Challenge and I'm doing better than I expected and I've been making healthier food choices. My body hasn't went into a downward spiral sugar shock (yet) and I'm still alive despite not having any cookies in the last few days. {whispering}....I still have some Red Velvet Oreos in my kitchen cupboard that I haven't touched yet!...more

Vegan and Vegetarian Wines


Tonight : Lambrusco

"Fizzy as only Lambrusco wine can be. Also found in Giuseppe Verdi’s music masterpieces… Bubbly, top class, and yet spirited, scented, bold, and full of colors as only the fields of Romagna can be.." We have paired this lovely Lambrusco with a selection of cheeses and cold cuts from our local butcher (capocollo, prosciutto crudo,pancetta and mortadella)accompanied with warm home-made bread.  www.bareginger.com@thebareginger@bare_ginger...more

A Week in Napa - Part 3