It’s National Tequila Day! YAY! 14 Cool, Lip Smacking Cocktails to Try!

Get your daily serving of fruit with a mango, peach, grapefruit or strawberry tequila cocktail! -PJ Gach...more

I Would Have Learned Geography A Lot Sooner Had They Taught Us About Wine in High School

Let me say this first just to get it out of the way.  While attempting to learn about wine, it is a whole lot easier if you don't mind a lot of sampling.  Hopefully, no one needed to hear that and everyone reading this is already an avid fan of the vino.  But just in case I'm speaking to some book worms who just want to read all about it and never truly get to the best part of studying wine.  Of course, that would be the drinking part. ...more

Refreshing Raspberry Lemonade

I don’t know what it is about this summer in particular, but I swear I’ve been drinking lemonade by the gallon! I have a feeling the 100 degree weather and ridiculous humidity of North Carolina leaves me craving something cool and sweet. With tasting different blends almost every time I get a drink, the thing I could could do with out….sugar! Most lemonades out there have so much sugar that I feel like I need to brush my teeth after drinking. My solution? Make my own lemonade.Behold — my Refreshing Raspberry Lemonade! Enjoy!...more

Two Creative, and Healthy, Ways To Hydrate This Summer

It has hot as the blazes outside today. A steamy, humid 90 degrees.  Hydration is in order.I am first to admit that I do not love to drink plain water and I am not very consistent with it if it is sitting all lonely in a bottle or glass.  It is why I usually add in cucumbers, mint, basil, lemons, limes. You name it, I have added it to water....more

Minty Green Iced Tea

SUMMER IS HERE! And it finally feels like summer. IT IS HOT. I prefer the lower 80’s partly cloudy weather. But it’s been high 80’s/mid 90’s sunny, humid – the kind of weather where you really don’t want to wear pants. And since it is socially unacceptable to not wear pants or some kind of cover-up, I have to find other ways to cool off....more

Skinny Lemonade

It's hot out here in Georgia. Now I know out West, y'all think 95 degrees here in Georgia is nothing compared to your hot summer days of 112 and up. However, you have to remember that we have this thing called humidity out here. And add that humidity factor in and our measly 95 degrees shoots up another 5 to 10 degrees.It's like opening your door and walking into an outdoor sauna. Those clean dry clothes you put on for work 5 minutes ago are now finding themselves drenched with sweat, sticking to your now wet body, and you feel like you can't breathe because of the stifling heat. And we're supposed to get up to 100 degrees this week!...more

National Daiquiri Day is Saturday! Try One of These 14 Cocktail Recipes

Have a daiquiri or two at your BBQ, backyard or party Saturday and celebrate National Daiquiri Day. -PJ Gach...more


Brewing kombucha at home is one of the most satisfying and cost effective things I have learned. It literally costs pennies to make a batch, and as you keep making them, they get better and fizzier. At this point, it pains me a bit when I need to  buy bottled kombucha for up to $5 when I’m traveling. You have so much control with the flavor and the sugar level if you make them at home. In addition, there are so many healthy benefits to drinking kombucha. Its high levels of antioxidants and probiotics aids digestive health, boosts immunity, and detoxifies the body....more

Make the perfect Bloody Mary tonight!

When you’re at the gym and you get this text from your husband:“Bring vodka,”…well, you just do it. You drive to the nearest liquor store and buy some damn vodka.Let’s rewind, okay?Out of the clear blue, I got a hankering for a Bloody Mary.  I said to my husband “let’s make Bloody Mary’s” so we went to the grocery store and bought tomato juice, celery salt and tabasco sauce.Unfortunately, it stopped right there....more