Dear Wine, I've Cheated but I Love You Still

I was raised by my dad.  When he had his friends over, I never saw little cute drinks with umbrellas in them.  I rarely saw them mix anything with orange juice and never even had cranberry juice in my refrigerator until I became an adult.  When I think back, the only wine we had was Tawny Port. and trust me, it wasn't a good one.  What I saw were various versions of liquid that looked like tea and smelled like gasoline....more

Bubble Tea: My Addiction

So I have to admit that from the first time that I ever visited San Diego (Back in 2002) I had my first Boba Bubble Tea.  It was in the Asian section that I was taken to by a guy that I was dating at the time.  I was immediately ...more

Five Wineries to Visit in North Georgia

We know what you're thinking. Wineries in North Georgia? Really? But yes, friends, North Georgia has been in the vineyard scene for a while now and the offerings are quite impressive. While we haven't been to all the wineries here yet, these are a few that we've visited and would recommend as a day trip from Atlanta or a short weekend getaway....more

Blueberry Banana Smoothie

Last weekend, while visiting my family in the Czech Republic, we also spent some time in the forest near our cottage and we got some true blueberries! Me and my mum, as well as my sister and brother, we did about 1 liter of them and my mum gave me all as a kind of souvenir. ...more

Two Word Taste Test: Cold Brew Coffee

Here’s a fun thing to do: Make coffee twelve ways* for a taste test then see how much of your house you can get cleaned because COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE...more

Drink Pink

Benita, Your Vino ValetI love a good Rose'.  To me, they go perfectly with lots of foods and are even as great as your chosen sipping wine. I don't know that I am the only one but the first time I had a Rose' that wasn't White Zinfandel, I expected sweet and fruity.  Some are!  But they can also be bone dry, like the first one that I had ever tasted. ...more

National Rum Day's Sunday! 18 Rum-Based Cocktails to Try!

Sunday’s National Rum Day! Cool off with a Pineapple Spritzer, Sugar Island Swizzle, Cruzan® Black Strap Navigator, Summer Salvation cocktail or a classic Hurricane or rum punch.-PJ Gach...more

Bikes in Burgundy: A Two-Wheeled Tour of French Wine Country

Quick! What's the coolest thing you've ever done on vacation? It's hard to decide, I know! What about the fanciest thing you've ever done? If you had told me a few weeks ago that I'd be wearing shorts, tennis shoes, and sunscreen while simultaneously feeling at the height of luxury, I'd have laughed! But when we traveled through the amazing scenery of Burgundy, France on two wheels, it was clear that we were enjoying the vacation of our lives....more
1001VG  thanks for commenting- just now saw this! Sounds like you enjoyed Burgundy just as we ...more

Apple Pie Smoothie

 This smoothie is reminiscent of apple pie in a glass with superfood additions to de-bloat and energize. Decadent, healthy, and delicious.INGREDIENTS2 Gala apples1 avocado2 handfuls kale1/4 cup walnuts2 tsp cinnamon1/2 tsp ginger1/8 tsp cloves1 tsp maca...more

J'Adore: The Mariage Fréres Salon de Thé in Paris

The Mariage Fréres Salon de Thé in Paris is my personal definition of luxury. When I've spent all morning navigating the Louvre or wandering down cobblestone streets, a nice, long break to savor the flavors of Paris is exactly what I need....more