#NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 18: Drinking Tea - part 1, a history

Tea!I know that I have mentioned it before and it is mentioned in just about every profile blurb for me all over the Internet: I am a tea enthusiast. I love, love, love tea. All kinds and in all ways....more

Tequila & Cheese: A Pairing Made in Heaven

What’s wonderful on a cold night? Casa Noble Tequila and French cheese. -PJ Gach All photos by  Peter Doyle...more

Water Kefir Explosion!

     We have been making water kefir at my house for a couple of years now. I am prone to slacking off during the hot Arizona summer months, but I love to have a few flavors in my fridge most of the rest of the year.  Water kefir is an amazing probiotic drink and I especially love to have it on hand for cold and flu season....more

Cold Nights, Hot Beverages

I hope your week is off to a great start! I’ve been busy preparing my home for a pre-Thanksgiving luncheon this week & Thanksgiving next week. Hosting a lunch this week actually puts me ahead of schedule for my Thanksgiving preparations as I will be using the same tablescape for both gatherings. ...more

Hot Chocolate Mix, the fast way.

A few months ago I talked about hot chocolate mix. How to make it just right. At least, for my preferences. However, if that seemed too complicated or work-intensive, there is another method that involves no sifting of anything, or grating of chocolate. I do believe that this is one of those things that everyone should have around. It's easy and saves you effort when you least want to put in any, which is when you really need a nice hot chocolate the most. It will take you about as long to do once as it will to heat up the milk you need anyway - so about two minutes....more
pankajpathania thanks :)more

Pan Am Boeing 707 Bottle Opener, Amazing

We love a bottle opener with a good story.  As one of the most used tools in your bar, it is always around to use and maybe even show off.  And in the case of the Pan Am Boeing 707 bottle opener, it is well worth showing off!Continue reading →...more

Food Porn Inspired Moments

My parents always told me that in death, the only things you can take with you are experiences. This is how they have lived their life, (sometimes to a fault but that’s for my future therapist to help me work through), and this is how I have up to now, lived my own....more