Summer Drinks + Entertaining Ideas

Summer is pretty much here, wouldn't you say? Maybe unless you are living in way northern parts of the county {or world} and are still seeing snow. Who is still seeing snow? Just to set the story straight....we have had rain and thunderstorms the past week, so I am ready for summer and sunshine! So, with summer brings warm days, cool summer nights, and fun outdoor activities!...more

Seagrams Fruity Escapes

Of course there are those that think any beverage is suitable for summer celebrations. As long as it's a nice cold drink, it good to go. Well, I am of the opinion that summer drinks should be a little bit different. They need to be refreshing but there is something about summer that screams fruity, tart and a hint of bubbles. Those are the drinks that remind me of summer. At our house, summer starts the beginning of birthdays and celebrations. All four of our children were born in August and there are times that I wonder if we need a Birthday Savings Account....more

Fourth of July Party Scheme

Why not let your food and beverages set the tone for your party color scheme! Use large galvanized buckets to cool down and hold your beverages. You can have one for the kids and one for the adults. I like to fill the grown up bucket with Seagram's Escapes in all of the new summery flavors and the colors match perfectly with a patriotic theme! Some of my favorites are Strawberry Daiquiri, Sangria and Calypso Colada! They not only taste amazing but their bright and fun colors pair perfect with a red white and blue theme....more

Summer Loving with Seagram's Escapes

Summer is finally here! It looks like the warm weather is here to stay, and I can finally put up the sweaters and start enjoying the outdoors. One of our favorite summer activities is grilling out. We love to fire up the grill and relax on the patio with an adult beverage. Recently, Seagram’s sent me a sampling of all of their Seagram’s Escapes line of drinks....more

Easy Cocktails with Seagram's Escapes would be Great!

Summer is coming fast, and I'm so ready for it! There's something about spending an evening winding down with girlfriends to make everything right as rain. Every now and then, we mix a few drinks to enjoy. As a former bartender, I can mix a mean drink, seriously. But, it can be a lot of work for a time when the main goal is relaxing....more

Host a Shop & Swap

No shop & swap cocktail is complete without a cocktail! (For those of you lovelies under 21 years of age, consider mocktails instead). The lovely folks at Seagram's sent over a collection of their newest Seagram's Escapes malt liquor beverage offerings in a myriad of fun flavors....more

Fun in the sun with Seagram's

Summer is just around the corner which means bbq's, pool parties, neighborhood block parties and lots of family fun! Living where we do, we are so fortunate to have gorgeous weather, amazing friends and neighbors with pools. Who needs to go anywhere when paradise awaits us right in our own backyard? When Seagram's Escapes asked if I would like to sample their refreshing fruit flavored coolers, I decided for the sake of research I would help them out, (honest!). Besides, how could I say no to tasting ready-to-drink, refreshing coolers?...more

Seagrams Escapes

I live on the lake, so I always try to plan a party to celebrate the beginning of the summer season. This year was no exception, although I found it a bit more daunting with family birthdays, graduations, weddings and other events which required my attention, leaving me very little time to shop for extra ingredients to prepare cocktails....more

Sipping on Seagram's Escapes

Seagram’s Escapes came to the rescue a few nights this week. With the fun refreshing drinks that have just enough alcohol to unwind, it was a great option to have in the fridge without having to mix something up myself. I am really enjoying the variety of flavors they sent us. All of them are summer fun and make me think of warm, tropical anywhere-but-here kind of places....more

Watermelon Mintini {and Seagram's Escapes for summer!}

I love to keep some light fruit flavored beverages in the fridge, especially during the summer. So when Seagram's Escapes asked me if I'd like to try out their bottles and frozen pouches, I jumped at the chance. And I'm so glad I did, because I found a few new refreshing bevvies I know I'll be keeping on hand this upcoming summer!...more