How to Convert a Pumpkin Into a Drink Dispenser

[Editor's Note: Take your party to the next level with a pumpkin drink dispenser. Kim from Tales + Tips shares this fun tutorial on her blog just in time for any last minute Halloween parties. I happen to also think this idea would be fantastic for Thanksgiving. With every great party it is all in the details and this pumpkin drink dispenser is sure to be a crowd pleaser. - Jen]...more

Finding My Chateau, My Happy Place

I recieved and had the chance to try two different wines, the Columbia Valley Riesling and the Indian Wells Cabernet. Of course, that meant I had to take two separate bubble baths in order to fully appreciate each wine. That's my story and I'm sticking to it....more

Chateau Ste. Michelle: Helping You Find Your Chateau

Chateau Ste. Michelle gives you a great excuse to hit the pause button on your day and stop to find your happy place. Maybe for you it’s sitting in the yard with a glass of wine after doing the gardening or hosting a formal dinner with great friends....more

My Happy Place Formula

My nightly glass of wine is a wonderful way to reward myself and relax a little, and this week I had the pleasure of enjoying a couple bottles by Chateau Ste. Michelle. It's actually a winery I've purchased many bottles from before, so when this review opportunity came along, I pounced on it. It's a 100% natural fit for me. The wines were wonderful, as usual....more

Finding A Happy Place

We thought about what our happy place is, what our "chateau" would be...and, without a doubt, mine would be drinking a glass of wine, listening to the sound of the waves crashing at the ocean and having my friends, my man friend and my daughter by my side....more

Chateau Ste. Michelle For The Win

This is our happy place. The kids might be fighting in the yard over their tire swing, but hey, at least we are all together. There is nothing better than when my husband and I can finally relax with a glass of win....more

What, me w(h)ine? Only when absolutely necessary.

But through all these adventures my heart still holds close my precious children. While I know they might not be with my physically, I have learned that they are always, always with me emotionally....more

Tell Me About Your Chateau!

That’s why there is nothing I enjoy more than sitting on my patio with friends and enjoying a glass of wine. It’s outside; dirt is to be expected, toys are meant to be strewn, kids are free to roughhouse and yell at each other. I don’t even mind if the dog poops!...more

My Formula for Bliss

My favorite time to have a glass is either when I'm cooking dinner or when I'm reading a fantastic book. Gone Girl definitely qualifies!...more

Mix Up A Refreshing Watermelon-Cucumber Martini

[Editor's Note: Even as summer wanes, it still calls for refreshing cocktails that cool without packing too powerful a punch. This cocktail, which can be made with the abundant local produce available right now, is perfect for the end of the season. --Genie] ...more