My Big Birthday Haul


Day 7: Bring Back the Bush

Someone wrote a post recently on shaving her vagina, and the post has had me wondering why women feel that they need to have less and less hair everywhere except their heads. I can’t find the exact post because if you Google “shave your vagina,” about a trillion results come up. This troubles me for many reasons, starting with the anatomical infeasibility of shaving a vagina....more
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My Winter Essentials

Hi everyone and happy weekend!! Today I have a post dedicated to the important things you need when it is super cold outside! So lets get started!  ...more

My hair is NOT an accessory

No, it isn't.  It is part of me and what makes me a Black woman.  As it grows out of my head it becomes an extension of me.I've seen several people say their hair is just 'hair'.  Whether I am reading a blog, or listening to YouTube I hear the outcries of many telling the world it's just hair and nothing more.  I find that hard to believe because there just wouldn't be this much fuss over something so trivial if that were true. ...more


Since childhood, I had a problem in managing my hair. I used to spend hours in front of the mirror to set a hair style that will suit my personality and from which I could gain some praises. It took me years to realize how I would be able to steal the limelight just because of my hair style along with my attire....more
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Holiday Tip: How to lose 5 pounds before the big meal

Fast forward to the way you feel just after that big holiday meal.  You have consumed a couple of helpings of your favorite dishes and maybe even a slice of pie.  You are full.  You wore your stretchy pants and dread getting onto the scales after consuming so many rich foods.You could do like me and figure out a way to trick the scales into thinking you really didn't overindulge that much.  This is my pre-Holiday tip for those of you with lots of hair:  rock a new "do" for the holidays....more

4 tools for tangles in Natural hair

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4 Tips for Healthy Winter Hair

I’m a black girl with locs (most commonly known as dreadlocks) -- a specific hair style that might be entirely different from the hair of many people reading this site. So to write this post, I did my research, and drew tips from many different people -- including my friends, acquaintances, and a few beauty experts. Here are four tips that will work on all hair types. 1. No More Wet Hair...more
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The Olivia Pope Weave Chronicles...It is slightly rediculous that I was thinking...I positively adore the Olivia Pope Weave? This should actually be the name of a really good wig in the beauty supply, if it isn't already. Olivia Pope has had a LOT of different weaves, styles and looks. I just wanted to chronicle my top Olivia Pope Weaves over the past 3 years! Tell me if you agree with me or you dont'!...and share with me YOUR favorite Olivia Pope Weave looks as well!...more

Team Natural hauteness on Almost Human

Not sure if you have checked out the new show on Fox called Almost Human that the sexy Michael Ealy is co-starring in.  Its set in the future in the year 2048 and crime has skyrocketed by 400%.  Because of this, each human police officer is paired with an android.  Michael Ealy is the sexy android that is considered synthetically human because he has feelings.  Now, the hot Michael Ealy is not the point of this post, but rather the gorgeous sexbot in episode 2 called "Skin.”  ...more