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Balmain Silk Perfume (2013): New Heyday for Hair Perfume {New Fragrance} {Beauty Notes + Hair}

Balmain, the luxury fashion and fragrance house, have now entered the beauty market with a line of products for hair and skin making use of Argan oil, one of the most popular beauty ingredients these days. Among the collection is Silk Perfume, a fragranced mist for your hair......more

Curly Girl Method - Nine months and counting

 I know, I know.  This update is LONG overdue.  I was supposed to do an update over the summer but here we are in October and on my ninth month of following the Curly Girl Method.  Well, the good thing is that my hair is THRIVING and I am retaining length with no buildup from leaving shampoos alone in almost a year!...more

Hot Rollers are My Secret to Amazing Curls

Last Friday, while my hairdresser blew my hair straight, I confessed. “I use hot rollers.” Childishly, I tilted my chin up at him, expecting to be schooled on the benefit of this or that trend. When he raised one shoulder and casually responded, “Oh sure. Lots of my clients use hot rollers,” I almost spit out my Peroni. “Really?” I burst out....more

Cleansing Conditioners: Yes or No?

Is anyone using cleansing conditioners with success? I am totally immersed in Amazon and Sephora customer reviews right now about the product on the left, Wen: Cleansing Conditioner....more
@CareFreeinSoCal Thank you so much! it's great to hear about your routine and experience, I will ...more