The No Shampoo Challenge

Every once in awhile I come across a beauty trend or article that sparks my interest. Typically, its Skincare or makeup related but I’ve become more obsessed with natural beauty and hair care products. My hair has always been an issue, or I should say, after I had my son I’ve had issues with my hair. Plus I constantly go back and forth with highlights and dark hair so my hair is stressed....more
I am curious about the challenge, but have to admit I cannot see not using any hair spray once ...more

Valentine's Day Date Night Look

Valentine's Day Date Night Look The season of love is right around the corner....more

The Secret to Fighting Dry Hair

A great easy way to drench your hair in a nourishing, hydrating cocktail during the cold winter months is to add a couple of drops of a really good hair oil to your favorite conditioner. ...more


Staying cozy inside the apartment on a particularly rainy day in a Parisian-inspired look (PLUS I'm sharing snaps of my much shorter new cut!)See it all here!

Stunning looks and sleek natural hair at the 2014 Golden Globes We are seeing more Natural hair gracing the red carpet within recent years and it was no exception at the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards yesterday in Beverly Hills.  There was one clear winner of the best dressed last night and all eyes were on her!  Lupita Nyong'o stole the red carpet wearing a dramatic but simple Ralph Lauren bright red column dress.  The only thing to upstage her gorgeous dress was her hair.  ...more

Herbal Essences Naked Cleansing Conditioner Review. Wen dupe!

 Cleansing conditioners have finally hit the drugstores! If you're a fan of co-washing, or if you love Wen, you're going to LOVE this. ...more
Do you use shampoo too? Or do you just use the conditioner in your hair every other day? Also, ...more

Leave Blue Ivy Carter and Her Natural Hair Alone | #Beauty

I Am Blue Ivy CarterI am a Natural Curly-Fro wearing Classy, Black Girl. My hair has been through it all from perms to presses, braids to weaves and everything in between. Most of the time the goal was to always change how my hair was presented to the world....more
Thank you for reaffirming that I don't have to torture my kid's heads for the sake of other's ...more

Top 10 Beauty Resolutions for 2014

Here we are! 2014. New calendar; clean slate; fresh start. New beginnings make me giddy. I love the excitement of writing on the first page of a new journal, or reading the first paragraph of a new book. I even love the newness that each morning brings me, with opportunities do things a little better than I did them the day before. While reflecting on this past year, I was reminded of some victories, and decided to share them with you....more
It's harder than one would think to find a straight out answer to what a daily skincare regimen ...more

Back to the Chemicals

I never wrote a post about switching to all natural shampoo and conditioner but, I assure you, it happened....more