Give Thanks Giveaway

Thanksgiving is just around the corner (eek!! Already?!) and in the spirit of giving and being thankful, I wanted to say THANKS to all my readers by GIVING away some fun treats....more

Fall 2014 Hair Trends


How to Use MY Own Flat-Iron

AnitaG. G. stands for GIRLthe Flat Iron hair turns out Smooth Looking & Bouncy feeling Hair! my hair doesn't become totally sleek, once flat ironed. !*#!$?How to Use MY Own Flat-Iron!!&#?*so much Fun! to do my Hair each Day/Night. So by now i have 2 Hairbrushes, Foam&Plastic-velcro Hair Rollers & 1 comb, Mousse, Hairspray, 2 Hair Oils, Blow-dry Hair Serum, Hairclay & a Hairdryer, Curling Iron & the NEW Flat Iron....more

How to Safely Cleanse Your Perm Rods (DIY)

   We  think about cleaning our makeup brushes and hair brushes but what about your rollers?! You'd be surprised how much build up if left on your perm rods.Here are a few easy steps you can follow to safely cleanse your rollers....more

This is not a white flag surrender...

I turned 40 in August.  I came into this year with the mindset that turning 40 would be a celebration of life of sorts.  I had a number of personal goals that I set out to do, that for the most part I actually achieved.  It felt good to turn 40.  Leading up to the big 4-0 I made a decision that goes against almost everything that society tells women is acceptable. ...more

Paul Mitchel – Tea Tree Special Shampoo & Conditioner

In the past month, my scalp had been very sensitive, so I went to Ulta looking for a shampoo that would be more gentle than the one I was using. The sales lady told me that these ones were good and that they had them in travel sizes if I wanted to try them. I love travel sizes because it allows me to try a product without having to commit in case I don’t like it....more