I’m In Love With My Flat Iron

It’s true. For a girl who had a Roseanne Roseannadanna perm in her 20s, it’s hard to believe my favorite appliance is, in fact, my flat iron. She even has her own travel case....more

Sexy Hair How To from a Celebrity Hairdresser

Celebrity and fashion hair stylist Patrice Bisiot describes how to achieve the sexy hair that Julie Anderson displays in this photograph, shot by Axel Muench in Los Angeles. If you have questions for Patrice, be sure to make a comment so Patrice can answer....more

Solange Knowles gave me freedom

 Solange Knowles, younger sister to Beyonce, was married this past weekend. She's a striking young woman who has a style that is very uniquely her own. I love that uniqueness about her. Where her sister is more sleek and glamorous in her public style... Solange is more bohemian, more laid back and more ... well, black in hers. ...more

Lovin' Lately | Target Edition

I started compiling this week list last when I realized that most of the items were from Target aka my happy place....more

The Natural Hair Movement Is Good for Our Daughters

I can still recall sitting between my mother’s legs as she struggled to comb my very tightly curled hair when I was 3 or 4 years old. Back then it was called nappy hair, and my mother was absolutely at odds with my naps. She herself had loose, curly hair and could manage her own quite easily with water and some type of conditioner. ...more
Such a great post! I believe in this wholeheartedly. I just had a baby girl 9 months ago and I ...more

To You Tube Or Not To You Tube?

I’m a bit late to the game but when I read this post on Naturally I wanted to weigh in.  Basically there was an episode of LA Hair where a client came in with a quick weave she did herself, and she hadn’t been taking care of her natural hair....more

Living Proof – Restore Mask Treatment Review

I have very fine hair and it gets damaged very easily and very fast. Therefore, I am always on the hunt for some good hair masks....more

The Shaved Head Dilemma

I have decided that at least once a week I am going to post something truly silly.One reason is to keep myself from taking this whole blogging thing and myself too seriously....more
danijane Thank you!  Yes - your sister is brave for sure, and it is very liberating to just let ...more

Get Your Hair Did

Saturday night was date night. These are my favorite nights. Sometimes they consist of just going to the local diner. Or my husband will cook a fantastic Italian dinner. But this time we were going out for a night on the town.Dinner in NYC.A friend's apartment warming party downtown.I was excited.Normally, when we are going out on a Saturday night, I have a whole process. I get my nails done, I go shopping. And if it's a special occasion, I'll even blow dry my hair. (More on this another time.)...more

My Hair Is A Mess!!

So lately for like the past few month my hair has been giving such a hard time. I have tried so many  differen products even organic ones. My ends are getting worst every time. I have cut them , let them be and eve tried home products, but nothing has helped. So i guess my next step is to cut my hair short. Which im dreading to do just because i love my hair too much lol. I would love to know any good product that I  might have not used yet thats out there. So pleaseeeeeee help me!!! and give me some ideas thank you !!!...more