Hair Psychology: The Natural Hair Movement

Ever sat at a table with a bunch of naturalistas? I'm talking heads full of coconut-coated twists, colorful coils, bantus, braids, dreadlocks and frohawks (my signature)? If you have, then you know that dinnertime conversation can easily turn into a collective dissertation on hair products, chemistry, dating, self-esteem, sleep rituals, and even child-rearing - all centered around natural hair. I recently sat down with six curly girls over dinner and experienced the extent of such conversation....more

A 70's girl natural hair journey

(Source)Here I am with my sister (I'm the one waving) walking in some parade in New York with our Brownie Troop.  Look at those socks!!  Could we get them any HIGHER???  Anyway, our hair was still natural.  My mother was only combing, brushing and braiding it, but for this ultra-special occasion, she must have curled it for us.  It’s WAYYY too far back for me to remember.  I posted that pic as a peek into my childhood when most little girls were natural.  Maybe a few were getting their hair pressed but not many.  I know I wasn't getting mine pressed back then because my mother hadn’t started doing it yet.  This was the 70’s!  I was still rocking Afro puffs.  I was just a string bean and the biggest thing on my body was my head!  Childhood......more

A Wash and Go Natural Year Round

Yes, that is me. That is what I do and who I am.  I"m a 365 days out of a year wash and Go Natural.  I am not ashamed or embarrassed and the entire time I've been natural I have lived in Colorado.  Yes, I'll say it again. I am a year round Natural even though I love in Colorado....more

Cross Your Heart.

Boys with beards (aspiring or fully realized) have that whole No-Shave November thing.I have that whole go-darker-on-top, read-an-article-in-Cosmo-titled, “Should You Get Bangs?” and-chop-off-the-front-layer-of-my-hair thing.The ombré was planned, the bangs were not. They aren’t all that noticeable here; keep scrolling for a pic from my Instagram for a better look....more

L'Oréal Professionnel Launch Perfume Mythic Oil Inspired by the Gardens of Babylon (2013) {New Fragrance} {Beauty Notes - Hair}

L'Oréal Professionnel have launched a new perfume called Mythic Oil, which is an extension of the eponymous hair-product line.  This is their debut fine fragrance destined to perfume both body and hair... ...more

Product Review - Karen's Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave-in Conditioner

 (Source) You may have remembered I did a product review on the ...more
KarensBeautiful BlogHer Target Yes ma'am! Great product. Thanks for noticing the review love.more

What the SLS?

I really shouldn’t write a blog… especially posts addressing my ethical dilemmas. Every time I do, I just open up a whole new can of worms for myself. The first time it happened was about knitting yarn ethics… to such an extent that I actually ended up making a whole can of yarn worms:...more
Thanks for checking out the site. SLS isn't harmful if used as recommended (less than 1%) it is ...more

Lee Denim Styling Session.

I’m a bit of a denim hound– no matter how many pairs of jeans I own, I never seem to have enough and I’m always on the hunt for a new pair. It’s a sickness. (There are worse things to be afflicted by, I’m sure.) So you can imagine my excitement when Lee Jeans contacted me to review a few pairs of their newer fits + washes. Check out how I styled each below....more