Hair accessories for every occasion

I love headbands and other hair accessories. I want to say it’s because of how cute and pretty they are and the wide range of choices now. However, it’s only really because hair accessories are fantastic at masking the fact that you may not be at your freshest.We all have these days (maybe some more than others). You wake up late, you realize you didn’t do laundry last night, and you have to be out the door in 20 minutes. Even if you can squeeze in time for a shower, we both know your hair is probably not going to be washed and it is definitely not going to be styled.This is when I turn to a hair accessory. To help make your lazy life easier, I’ve put together shopping guides of hair accessories for every occasion. Now, thanks to me, you can be glamorous and greasy! You’re welcome....more

Spring/Summer Hair Trends 2014

Fashion week gave us an inside scoop, with their spring collections, on what the trendy hairstyles will be for the warm weather seasons. These hair trends are great to take your flat and boring hair to a new level. Texture in the spring and summer is and will always be trendy, because of the beachy look it gives. Another  great tip to give your flat hair a different edge is by parting it differently. Popular parts this spring are the middle and deep side part.  Twisted Up-Dos...more
I am a hair person. My hair is thick and wavy, I always wanted it to be straight. I change it ...more

Heatless Beachy Waves

Heatless Beachy WavesI'm always on the look out for quick and easy ways to style my hair. It is quite a challenge with my curly / wavy hair (curly on bottom and wavy on top) - it just wants to do it's own thing and be difficult. I always see tutorials where someone wraps their hair in little buns or twists the hair, goes to sleep and in the morning their hair has beautiful curls....more

6 Things About Teamnatural You May Not Have Known

  Nobody KNOWS everything. It's just not possible and if you are not included in a particular group then more than not you truly don't know much about it. So, this post is really for the non-members of #teamnatural but I'm more than sure some naturals may not know some of these either so stick around and see what you DON'T KNOW.  ...more
Thanks for posting this article.  I noticed that you don't include women who wear extensions ...more

Popular 90s Trends

Recently, I reluctantly embraced change. Then the Trend Setters decided to play games and bring back everything that I loved! This year's Spring Runways have been displaying some fun makeup & hair styles from the 90s. ...more

What's in my BirchBox | February 2014 Edition

Benefit Big Easy...more
briony skerjance EstheticGoddess  No I have never heard of it before! I am a skin and hair care ...more

Today's Unsolicited Beauty Tip: "Short Hair isn't Sexy"

“I mean, figure skating isn’t a real sport. It’s athletic and beautiful, but it’s not a sport”...more
I wasn't offended by someone simply having a personal preference when it comes to who they're ...more

Fancy Bun

In today’s tutorial I will show you how to do a fancy bun.I never thought I could do this style on my mid-length layered hair.When I try to make a bun it usually looks like Olive Oyl (ok now I’m dating myself).I like to have a couple of really fancy styles on-hand when I go to formal events or just want to fancy things up a bit.The fancy bun is so elegant and sophisticated. It’s a classic look.You may need to practice ahead of time but it is super easy once you have done it a few times....more

How To Manage Your Curly Hair

Does #curlyhairdontcare or #shorthairdontcare make sense to anyone? I see them all the time on Instagram and I...well, I don't know what they mean.  Anyway, I have curly, coarse, frizzy, long hair. Good times... ...more

Celeb Inspiration! Best Hairstyles for Round Faces and Plus Size Women

You can’t always rely on your hairdresser to know what works best for your round face. My own hairdresser talked me into a short-on-the-sides style right after I’d gained some weight, and my new ‘do made my cheeks look giant. It’s bad enough when a too-tight pair of pants makes you look bigger than you really are, but a haircut? ...more