How To Cut Your Own Long Layers

By cutting long layers, your hair will keep its length -- plus, you will have a nice V-shaped angle in the back, while the hair will frame your face in the front. It's always best to go to a professional ... but sometimes, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. This technique is what works for me, and I get tons of compliments on it. I hope it works for you, too! And hope you enjoy the video... ...more
very nice tutorial, thnnk youmore

Waterfall Braid

I love Waterfall Braids, it is such an elegant style. I have practiced many different ways of styling this type of braid on myself. I think this technique is the easiest. While doing the tutorial even I had some trouble ( and I practiced!) but it turned out well! I think this technique can be done on all hair types and textures, long, medium, straight or curly. I think this way esspecially works for layered hair. I had curled my hair with a curling iron for the tutorial but also showed a more casual style with straighter hair. Hope you like it!...more

BC or Long-Term Transitioning - Which Route to Take?

Going Natural is a wonderful journey to take.  It's a personal one too that each woman must determine how she will go about doing it.  I get tired of many saying the journey is hard, long and full of pitfalls but honestly, isn't life?  I'm just feeling we need to be truthful about going Natural and taking care of our hair whether relaxed or Natural....more
Hello, I'm a new follower. Great post! I must say that I am a fan of the BC. But, I keep my ...more

Side Ponytail Tutorial

Side PonytailI love wearing a side ponytail. Depending on how you wear it, you can wear it for formal events such as a wedding or it can be casual for every day. If I just wore a ponytail it would look very casual but for some reason you put it to the side and there is some elegance to your look. I like to put the ponytail on the side my bangs are on - it works for me... But whatever you are comfortable with. ...more

Protective Style on Natural Hair

This past weekend I got my hair straightened, cut, and deep conditioned at Good Hair Day Salon in Duncanville,TX. My stylist Tekayla was a breath of fresh air compared to what I last experienced.  I told her to go ahead and cut all of the split ends that needed to be cut. She continuously asked me if I was sure while she was doing it, I now know why. My hair was at near bra strap length now it is near collar bone length. :''(....more

Easy VALENTINE'S Hair Styles

Easy Valentine's Hair Style Ideas Easy and quick VALENTINE'S Hair Style Ideas:...more

Believe in Yourself

Tomorrow we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  In school and in our homes, we all learned about what this visionary stood for…peace, justice and equality for very race of people.  Today, I can appreciate the significance of his legacy more than ever. There are many memorable quotes that Dr. King made in his lifetime that are notable. As I ponder the gravity of them all, I think of this one that reminds me of my natural hair journey that I embarked on many years ago....more

What is Dry Shampoo?

What is Dry Shampoo? Dry shampoo is a powdered substance used to clean the hair when you want to extend the length when it is not practical to use water and traditional shampoo.If you’re strapped for time and you need to freshen up your locks (after the gym, before a night out, or if you are like me and hit the snooze button too many times), dry shampoo serves as a fantastic option....more

Hair Growth & the Moon's Phases

As the year began, many of us made resolutions or goals for 2014…lose weight, start a business, have better relationships, etc. I know because I made them too. But I also made “hair goals” for myself…healthier and longer hair. So I decided that in order to have healthier, longer hair there were some things that I wanted and needed to do....more
I am a hair person, I cut my hair when I want something different. My beautician, cuts it. I ...more

Make it Stay Hair Primer and Style Extender Review

Do you spend tons of time either curling or straightening your hair in the morning, only to have it revert back to it's natural state before the day is even half over?  So frustrating!  I have straight hair, but I love to add in some beachy waves now and then.  Unfortunately, it tends to fall flat by lunchtime, and all that work goes down the drain....more