Make it Stay Hair Primer and Style Extender Review

Do you spend tons of time either curling or straightening your hair in the morning, only to have it revert back to it's natural state before the day is even half over?  So frustrating!  I have straight hair, but I love to add in some beachy waves now and then.  Unfortunately, it tends to fall flat by lunchtime, and all that work goes down the drain....more

Going Silicone and Sulfate Free Helped My Curls!

A rather long post on haircare and how I've found what works for me!   ...more

5 Minute CUTE and EASY Girl Hair Style

5 Minute Cute and Easy Girl Hair Style This is our "go to" hair style.  It takes 5 minutes PLUS blow drying and curling (if you want to do that), a total of 10-15 minutes.  It is easy, it is cute and it keeps my girls' hair out of their face. We love it!...more

Pink Hula Hoops

I've found that being a natural girl for the past 3 years has helped me live a more authentic life!  My big chop signified more than just hair being swept up in a dust pan by my beautician!  This journey began my search for growth, deeper spirituality, and contribution to socieity!  As with any journey, this has not been without "Pink Hula Hoops"!  Some may ask, "Why did you choose the color pink"?  My answer is simple, pink in my opinion represents feminity.  The color pink connects us from birth, gives us the power, and takes the strain out guessing if it is ...more

When Should You Cleanse Your Natural Hair?

The natural hair journey is completely different for each individual. Some naturals shampoo their hair each day (yikes!).  Some shampoo every few days or so, and others cleanse their hair about as often as they did when they went to the salon as a relaxed beauty. Is there a right way or wrong way? Well, there certainly are some fundamentals to it all....more

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair During Winter?

 *Canva.comCleansing our natural hair is one of the most important regimens we do for our tresses. For obvious reasons we need to cleanse our hair to remove pollutants, dirt, product build-up and in some instances smoke and odors.  It’s a part of good hygiene but ask any natural and she will tell you it’s the best way to maintain healthy, happy hair. Most of us need structure in our lives so we have a routine or a schedule we follow on how often to wash our hair but do we need that schedule in the colder months?...more

What's in my BirchBox | January 2014 Edition

It's that time again... This month my Birchbox was lacking one very important thing, a makeup item. Every other box I've received has had either a lip gloss, chap stick, chubby stick, etc. I get the most excited about the makeup in my boxes, so my initial reaction to this months box wasn't really a happy one. But, after trying out a few of the items I can say that while it wasn't my favorite box, it definitely wasn't a huge disappointment. ...more

No Velcro? No Problem!.... Creating big volume and curl without Velcro rollers

No Velcro, No Problem!.... or is it? Well Ya'll! I'm at it again. You all know I sometimes get these crazy ideas in my head on easier and sometimes bizarre ways to achieve certain looks without the typical products. Hey, what can I say, I'm creative....more

Making winter hats Natural hair friendly

 Hey Naturals!  This is a real quick post about the ugly weather many of us are facing....more

Has it happened to you? Natural hair women deceived into getting texturizers

I'm sure just about every Natural has had 'the dream'.  The dream (well, really a nightmare) is about a natural going on about her life and for some unknow reason she gets her hair relaxed.  You may become aware while still in the dream and freak out or your awareness may only occur once you wake up.  It seems so real, so vivid that when you do finally wake up you are sweating and in panic mode at the thought.  You reach out to touch your hair and slowly close your eyes as the realization that it was all a dream.  You cannot WAIT to tell someone, anyone that you had the dream and so grateful it wasn't real.  Well, what I'm about to discuss is no dream and it should be against the law....more