Tips for luscious soft and healthy hair

Tips for luscious, soft and healthy hair. ...more

5 Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

There are a few reasons I put coconut oil in practically every product in my Apothecary bath & body lineup. Here are five of them:...more

Tips for luscious soft and healthy hair

Tips for luscious, soft and healthy hair.BY KELLY // JUNE 16, 2015 // ...more

How To: Co-Washing Your Hair...No Suds Needed

So many of you have written in and begging me to review co-washing products - "What exactly is co-washing? How does it work? Which are the best brands on the market?", you asked over and over. So with all of the queries (and my own self fear of it), I ventured out to put together a hair-what-is-it and-how-to...yes, a mouthful indeed, but you will walk away with a good amount of knowledge (and some rocking clean hair!)...more

Hair How To: Amanda Seyfried's Tony Award Hair

You asked for it – we got it!So many of you wrote in asking how to get Amanda Seyfried’s Tony Award hair…thanks to our friends at Matrix and Amanda’s hairstylist Renato Campora  – we found you the answer.INSPIRATION: Grace Kelly – Timeless, Elegant, and Classic.HAIR-HOW-TO:...more

Does your man beard make the Father's Day cut?

Ladies and gentsOr should I say, ladies and a few distinguished men.... Hello and welcome to session II.All about the beard- A Father’s Day must....more

The 24 Best Beauty Products of 2015

The results are in! Today, our sister site StyleCaster announced the 24 winners of their first-ever Beauty Awards. The winners are a mix of drugstore and high-end products that have one thing in common: They really work. ...more