No Velcro? No Problem!.... Creating big volume and curl without Velcro rollers

No Velcro, No Problem!.... or is it? Well Ya'll! I'm at it again. You all know I sometimes get these crazy ideas in my head on easier and sometimes bizarre ways to achieve certain looks without the typical products. Hey, what can I say, I'm creative....more

Making winter hats Natural hair friendly

 Hey Naturals!  This is a real quick post about the ugly weather many of us are facing....more

Has it happened to you? Natural hair women deceived into getting texturizers

I'm sure just about every Natural has had 'the dream'.  The dream (well, really a nightmare) is about a natural going on about her life and for some unknow reason she gets her hair relaxed.  You may become aware while still in the dream and freak out or your awareness may only occur once you wake up.  It seems so real, so vivid that when you do finally wake up you are sweating and in panic mode at the thought.  You reach out to touch your hair and slowly close your eyes as the realization that it was all a dream.  You cannot WAIT to tell someone, anyone that you had the dream and so grateful it wasn't real.  Well, what I'm about to discuss is no dream and it should be against the law....more

Natural hair headaches!!

 Aw, come on!  We know they exist.  Hair is hair and whether it's Natural or Relaxed, you are gonna have some issues that arise from time to time.  Being Natural doesn't mean you wake up in the morning with it done for you.  It still takes work and has to be done correctly.  I've listed a few issues or 'headaches' that will or can arise when dealing with Natural Hair.  The first four are for newly naturals....more

How to do a bun with Bun Ease!

I love to wear a bun and it is easier then you think to do! ...more

My Love Hate Relationship With My Natural Hair

I have this love hate relationship with my natural hair. Overall, I think she's ungrateful....more

The No Shampoo Challenge

Every once in awhile I come across a beauty trend or article that sparks my interest. Typically, its Skincare or makeup related but I’ve become more obsessed with natural beauty and hair care products. My hair has always been an issue, or I should say, after I had my son I’ve had issues with my hair. Plus I constantly go back and forth with highlights and dark hair so my hair is stressed....more
skinchanted thanks for checking this out and for the follow ! :)more

Valentine's Day Date Night Look

Valentine's Day Date Night Look The season of love is right around the corner....more

The Secret to Fighting Dry Hair

A great easy way to drench your hair in a nourishing, hydrating cocktail during the cold winter months is to add a couple of drops of a really good hair oil to your favorite conditioner. ...more