How to wear an ear warmer

How to wear an ear warmer Hi Everyone,I decided to share an oldie but a goodie today.This video is one of my first tutorials.Although the weather has been fairly nice in Edmonton, AB, it can still get a little bit chilly at night....more

SAG AWARDS: Hair How-To with Matrix

By Christabelle...They walked the red carpet tonight – some even walked away with statues…now you can re-create their gorgeous hair looks at home with these red-carpet hair  how-to’s from our friends at Matrix....more

5 Best Hair Oils on the Planet

 Pure Editorial – Non Paid Post Let me start by saying, I have very greasy hair. While that might not paint the prettiest picture of your favorite beauty blogger…it is truthful (and I can hear you inside your head saying ME TOO!). With that said, oil is the very LAST thing I want to add to my hair…my concerns are obvious…Oily hair + more oil = major hair DON’T....more

Hair Dryers - Essential in Every Individual'S Closet

A hair dryer is a must-have accessory in your closet. Your hair needs proper drying after a hairwash. Hence, a good quality hair dryer is needed to retain the nutrients present in your hair. A high quality hair dryer will not lead to brittle or unhealthy hair.Check this ultimate collection of hair dryers...more

How To Fix Brassy Blond Hair At Home

Is your nice blond hair coloring you got at the salon getting brassy after two weeks?When you go blond, the first thing we (I'm a hair stylist) have to do is bleach your hair. After you bleach your hair, it is usual that a clients hair gets a bit brassy. So, we use toner to cancel the brassiness. But this toner not will stay on your hair forever......more

How To Make Super Easy Half Hair

I'm a hair stylist at Self Salon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in New York....more

I Just Punched 2014 In The Face And Sent It Packing

It’s that time of the year where vloggers and bloggers are doing there best of 2014 lists. I decided to jump on that bandwagon and share mine as well. 2014 was a seriously stressful and chaotic year. I started my massage therapy business out of my sisters salon, which we started at the same time. It was fun and crazy and terrible all at the same time.The world in general was a bit more chaotic than usual. Well it felt that way to me. I hope 2015 is a bit calmer, quieter and less stressful!  These are a few of the things I used, read, and generally loved in 2014. ...more

Near Misses and Fake Carnage..............................

Honestly, there are some days when you really could NOT make it up, and yesterday certainly fell into that category.  ...more

Frustrated With Awkward Hair? 8 Tips for Growing Out a Pixie Cut

If you've ever tried to grow out short hair, you're already familiar with the frustrating awkward stages your hair goes through. I'd like to share some tips that have helped me weather the hair-growth wait....more
Perfect timing. Trying to see if I can get *to* a pixie cut....more

Must Have Products for Fine Hair