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Natural Hair Influencers: Can You Admit Yours?

My husband convinced me to go natural. There. I said it. Over the past year and a half, he's given me the confidence to walk around with my ... well ... natural naps. It's fair to say that he was a major influence in my decision to expose my texture....more

Women Need 2 Blow Dryers

It may sound crazy, but many women really need to own two hair dryers, according to many beauty experts.  The dryers with ionic technology, which are in almost every store now, work great if you want a smooth, sleek hairstyle, but not so much if your style is more about having great volume and body.  If you switch your style up, you really need both an ionic dryer and one that is not ionic. Some newer models have a switch to turn ions on and off, but they are a bit more pricey....more

Natural hair and winter worries

Now, I am well aware not everyone lives in Denver with me, but despite that, we are all nearing the holidays and winter.  Winter means dryer, colder temperatures for many of us that dryness can wreak havoc on our natural tresses.  I just discussed that I am a Wash and goNatural year round, but that does not mean I keep the same hair maintenance routine for all 365 days of the year.  ...more

Black Men with Locs

(Source)There are far too many Black men with Locs out here and I'm not giving them proper representation on my blog.  For that, I am sorry and I choose to give you all some irresistible Loc'd eye candy.  Enjoy......more

5 Foods to Beautify Your Hair from the Inside Out

Day 17:  I read this and had to share it with You!By Kaitlyn Mekertichian | October 18, 2013Take your dry, split ends to the kitchen and emerge with long, healthy tresses through these nutritionally charged foods and drinks....more

Brassy Hair?

Get the Red OutI love getting my hair highlighted!...more

Magical And Cheap Hair Care

I’m going to be honest with you guys: my hair isn’t na...more

The Great Hair Debate Pt 3: The Hair Diaries

Why do we choose to go the route that we do with our hair ladies?  For Monica from LA, it’s economic feasibility. Monica tells us that she’s natural at the moment because “water and oil are cheap and easy to find.” Then, there’s Reshawn from VA who maintains that her processed hair is more manageable, “it cuts my time from 3 hours down to one and a half hours to do my hair,” she says. These are just two examples, but it definitely doesn’t stop there.  Check out what other women have to say about their hair stories....more